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DEY CANT SHIP by hrewhrwehrrwherwehr 02/26/2021, 8:56am PST
Sequel dev team continues to be a who's who of the most vile pieces of shit by in all of gamedom 10/31/2020, 4:49am PDT
    Scum like this really are fucking shameless. NT by Drainer 10/31/2020, 12:54pm PDT
        RPGCodex is just killing this broad NT by Drainer 10/31/2020, 3:00pm PDT
            The screeching SJW shits are just so fucking brazen. NT by d0bd85da-a2c8-12da-bb37 11/02/2020, 6:20am PST
                The screeching SJW shits can't even ship, apparently by VtmB2 is gonna suck. Get it? Suck? 02/24/2021, 3:45pm PST
                    DEY CANT SHIP NT by hrewhrwehrrwherwehr 02/26/2021, 8:56am PST
                        oh WE can SHIP girl NT by Masturbating woman 02/26/2021, 9:41pm PST
                        "Real artists ship" NT by Steve Jobs 02/27/2021, 3:03pm PST
                            It turns out he was referring to slash fiction NT by Not consumer electronics 02/28/2021, 3:11pm PST
                        Dey laid off all their writers. But keep simping for these shitheads... NT by to own the gamers. 03/07/2021, 5:28pm PST
                            No one here is "simping." by Oh 03/07/2021, 5:50pm PST
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