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attaboy by now you're gettin' it! 02/26/2021, 12:43pm PST
Absolute Drift was free on Epic, and is fantastic. This is the "sequel". by pinback 02/22/2021, 11:36am PST
    you're not doing it right by ice cream jonsey 02/22/2021, 11:58am PST
        god dammit, i broke my own rule. can this day get any worse??? NT by pinback 02/22/2021, 12:40pm PST
            i'll look down and whisper, "no" NT by rorschach 02/22/2021, 3:21pm PST
                this is kind of nice though right fellas? letting our hair down just hangen out NT by judge barry 02/22/2021, 3:29pm PST
    Dunno what you guys're talking about but the game's indeed fantastic. Thx 4 rec! NT by Mischief Maker 02/25/2021, 6:55pm PST
        we are typing in lower case because the game and everything in it is lower case NT by and you done fucked up 02/26/2021, 6:00am PST
            i made the golden buddha cry. :( NT by MM 02/26/2021, 12:09pm PST
                oh shit, this is hard! NT by mm 02/26/2021, 12:09pm PST
                    attaboy NT by now you're gettin' it! 02/26/2021, 12:43pm PST
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