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GUH_EYES by SERISLY 02/27/2021, 10:26pm PST
Republicans are fucking weird. by Mischief Maker 02/27/2021, 6:11am PST
    "Have they never heard of the golden calf" NT by No they've clearly never heard of s 02/27/2021, 7:26am PST
    I'd fucking kill myself rather than be thrown in with these by shits 02/27/2021, 9:13pm PST
        GUH_EYES NT by SERISLY 02/27/2021, 10:26pm PST
            Feel free to defend this then NT by laudablepuss 02/28/2021, 11:51pm PST
            Ha found the weak minded cunt that loves the fake gold statue NT by shits 03/02/2021, 5:35am PST
    More T-ball by Guh_eyes 03/01/2021, 4:13pm PST
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