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nose rings and hair coloration by laudablepuss 03/02/2021, 11:04pm PST
A couple years into our relationship, Mandy told me she wanted to get a nose ring. She'd had one when she was younger, but had to ditch it for work. I said, yeah of course let's do it. She was worried, was I sure? First, it's no problem for me. Second, it was something she liked, and I knew it was important to let her be herself. It might improve her depression somewhat. So anyway, she had either a ring or a stud for the rest of our time together. :) She made friends with the tattoo artists (she was there semi-regularly to get it changed out for a new one or one she'd previously liked), although neither of us had tats and she only had ear piercings and her nose piercing.

BUT she wanted to get a tattoo on her foot. She had a tiny scar -- more like a discoloration where she'd injured herself long ago -- on her foot, and it was in the shape of a Star Trek logo. She thought that was pretty cool so maybe just fill it in with color. But we never got around to doing that.

She loved rings and jewelry and I was perpetually getting her new (inexpensive) pieces, or seeing JTV packages arrive with stuff she'd ordered. Nothing major, with a few exceptions that I got her for holidays. In fact, a jtv box arrived after she passed away with some necklace chains. I dunno what her plan had been for those.

Another thing that she'd liked when she was younger was lighter colored hair. She naturally had dark brown hair, but she wanted to try blond or blondish again. So around her birthday in 2019, I dropped her off at her hair stylist and then went home to wait for her to be done. When I returned, I swear there was literally nobody else in the salon but her and her stylist, yet I was walking around looking for her. My brain absolutely did not register that the blond girl sitting there was my sweetheart! Very strange experience.

It was a fun experiment and she went back to get the color modified and refined a couple times over the next several months. But as Christmas got closer, we were both tired of it (it had never been quite what she was hoping for), and I was really looking forward to her going back to her old color. Unfortunately, that never happened because she was in the hospital dying when her hair appointment rolled around. So it was important to me, and I think it would have been to her, that I had a couple large pictures of her with her natural hair color at the funeral.
nose rings and hair coloration by laudablepuss 03/02/2021, 11:04pm PST
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