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The positive Steam reviews are 100% authentic by Rafiki 04/22/2021, 11:44pm PDT
Rayh]] wrote:

An interesting game, you sit and play for fun, the gameplay is interesting, the controls are quite convenient, the music in the background is gorgeous

blOOdxetRR wrote:

Despite the cost of the game, the animation, graphics and music are not inferior to games of this genre. The game is very fun. I enjoyed it.

??PaRaZiT?? wrote:

COCKHEAD is an adventure and action game developed by Yoba Games for the PC platform.
The environment in the game belongs to the fantasy style, and the following features can be highlighted: simple, intuitive controls and funny levels, which is the trick, because everything is not so simple.
There is a very large assortment of items for the main character.
Pleased with the soundtrack, which gives the game its own kind of atmosphere.

I definitely recommend it!

axaxaxa wrote:

This is one of the best games I've played. Quite an interesting idea to have the main character, a penis. the combat system is pretty well implemented. It can be seen that this game was tried for more than one hundred hours. If you want to diversify your evening with a girl or boyfriend (after all, we are all tolerant), then I advise you to play this game. I hope this game will last for a very long time

ch3mical wrote:

the most fun and unusual game in recent times)))The plot is really interesting, the mechanics of the game really liked it, because I like platformers like many people. The bosses are made very cool, each of them has its own character and charisma, this gives hope for the popularity of the game in the future
Cockhead by 8=======D 04/22/2021, 10:17am PDT NEW
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    The positive Steam reviews are 100% authentic by Rafiki 04/22/2021, 11:44pm PDT NEW
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