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Ignore the "Moulin Rouge!" line. ICJ CAN WE GET AN EDIT MODE by pinback 05/06/2021, 6:00pm PDT
The first 20 minutes of Moulin Rouge! and Noah by Mischief Maker 04/25/2021, 11:06pm PDT
    "Going to have to disagree with [throws dart at YouTube]" NT by Otis Ferguson 04/26/2021, 8:12am PDT
    MOULIN ROUGE by Fullofkittens 04/26/2021, 8:41am PDT
    This can't be true. by pinback 05/06/2021, 6:00pm PDT
        Ignore the "Moulin Rouge!" line. ICJ CAN WE GET AN EDIT MODE NT by pinback 05/06/2021, 6:00pm PDT
            The Fountain's pretty good, guy NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 05/06/2021, 9:17pm PDT
        Well which one's yours? NT by Mischief Maker 05/06/2021, 6:09pm PDT
            Requiem, by an incomprehensibly huge margin. by pinback 05/07/2021, 11:00am PDT
                Requiem for a Dream is the best movie I ever regretted watching. by Mischief Maker 05/07/2021, 11:18am PDT
                    That's what I said after I saw it the first time. by pinback 05/07/2021, 12:14pm PDT
                Bad movie by Otis Ferguson 05/07/2021, 12:35pm PDT
                    Bad opinion NT by pinback 05/07/2021, 1:07pm PDT
                        I don't wanna argue but it's just a lot of torture porn for jerking off NT by Otis Ferguson 05/07/2021, 2:56pm PDT
                        Here: by Otis Ferguson 05/07/2021, 3:00pm PDT
                            I also don't want to argue. Especially with a review of a book that isn't NT by the movie we're talking about. 05/08/2021, 4:49am PDT
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