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The Fungus (1985 novel) by soul of wit 05/09/2021, 9:14am PDT
Plot summary
The Fungus is a novel in which a fungus causes people's body parts to become spongy and fall off.
Great moments in Wikipedia writing by mark 05/18/2007, 1:07am PDT
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        Thurs a weekeepeedeeah Stevun Sugal PORTAL NT by Zseni! 05/21/2007, 4:41pm PDT
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                        The entry on We Didn't Start The Fire: is too fast, too furious. by Zsenitan 01/13/2008, 1:15am PST
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                    these are just the totally objective and unbiased facts about brian may NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/04/2009, 9:50am PDT
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        Robert Zemeckis comes across as kinda retarded in that quote. NT by Jerry Whorebach 01/28/2009, 1:42am PST
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    Great moments in Wikipedia writing: Pantera by Zsenitan 06/12/2009, 11:33am PDT
    Re: Great moments in Wikipedia writing: Baccarat by Fortinbras 06/18/2009, 9:40pm PDT
        Oh pardon me, I don't get what this thread is about! NT by Fortinbras 06/18/2009, 9:53pm PDT
            Baccarat Detector Watch: Still doesn't exist. Fake-me disappointed. NT by Fortinbras 06/18/2009, 10:12pm PDT
                SOMEDAY! NT by Fortinbras 06/18/2009, 10:14pm PDT
    Kurt von Schleicher, 23rd Chancellor of Germany by Siskel and Ebert 06/30/2009, 2:25am PDT
        To a guy with a huge erection obviously. NT by Creexuls, a monster >:3 06/30/2009, 2:31am PDT
        It was too late, because I've seen everything NT by Patrick Stewart 06/30/2009, 10:37am PDT
        Re: Kurt von Schleicher, 23rd Chancellor of Germany by motherfuckerfoodeater 06/30/2009, 11:40am PDT
    Soda Water by Fussbett 06/30/2009, 10:17am PDT
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    Re: Great moments in Wikipedia writing by Gutsby 08/11/2009, 2:29pm PDT
    Quentin Tarantino by Fortinbras 08/25/2009, 7:12pm PDT
        There's a difference between wikivandalism and poor writing. It's subtle... NT by ...but everyone else knows it. 08/26/2009, 8:21pm PDT
            NON-NOTABLE, DELETE NT by A WikiJackass 08/27/2009, 9:16am PDT
    Shadow Complex by Bunyip 08/26/2009, 7:47pm PDT
        it was such a topic of significant interest, wasn't it NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 08/26/2009, 7:54pm PDT
    Subcategorization frame by Vested Id 09/14/2009, 8:26pm PDT
    1d4 damage, -2 attack penalty, does not benefit from weapon specialization by Jerry Whorebach 09/21/2009, 5:08am PDT
    Special IMDb edition by Siskel and Ebert 10/07/2009, 11:14am PDT
        White Man's Burden (1995) by Jerry Whorebach 10/16/2009, 2:41pm PDT
            It's always suspicious when an indie flick has only 10-star reviews... by Jerry Whorebach 02/16/2010, 4:00am PST
                I DEMAND YOU EDIT THIS POST by JRKerr 02/16/2010, 4:33pm PST
       by JRKerrdog 06/02/2010, 2:36am PDT
        Detroit 1-8-7 (2010) by Jerry Whorebach 09/21/2010, 11:38am PDT
    Wikipedia weighs in on Malapropisms by mark 10/12/2009, 7:20pm PDT
    I was actually looking for the 3-6-Mafia film "Choices" but this is good too. by Jerry Whorebach 10/16/2009, 2:13pm PDT
        Was it really important to have black tonail polish on one foot? by laudablepuss 10/16/2009, 3:46pm PDT
            Pointed toward the black shirt NT by Mischief Maker 10/18/2009, 5:10pm PDT
        'Eat That Frog!' is a ridiculously popular book. =( by Fullofkittens 10/18/2009, 5:07am PDT
            'seamen' :( NT by up with pod people 10/18/2009, 4:14pm PDT
    Re: Great moments in Wikipedia writing by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/17/2009, 10:39pm PDT
    John Primer by Tony 10/18/2009, 1:47am PDT
    Money notes by Fullofkittens 10/20/2009, 7:49am PDT
    Dick Butkus by Vested Id 10/27/2009, 12:41pm PDT
    Friend zone by Zsenitan is still looking for a new 11/04/2009, 11:12am PST
        only if she's fat NT by FABIO 11/04/2009, 11:17am PST
            Oh hey, it's FABIO it's the successful and happily married guy who hates everyth NT by Zsenitan is still looking for a new 11/04/2009, 11:21am PST
                Hey it's the fat chick ^_^ NT by FABIO 11/04/2009, 12:22pm PST
                    Tell your wife to stop calling me. ^_^ NT by Zsenitan is still looking for a new 11/04/2009, 5:30pm PST
        It has been suggested that women are quite similar to normal human beings by Hans Clastorp 11/04/2009, 12:34pm PST
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    Thierry Henry by up with pod people 11/22/2009, 10:38pm PST
        be my wife NT by Fortinbras 11/28/2009, 12:42pm PST
            Already have one. But Pod knows I love her, disingenuous ATORs be damned! NT by Fortinbras 11/28/2009, 8:53pm PST
                I assumed the proposal was null because the page got deleted by up with pod people 11/28/2009, 10:18pm PST
                    Look, once and for all: by I need clarification 11/29/2009, 12:49am PST
                        This may be fun and games to them, but some of us depend on this thread for by kthor 11/30/2009, 6:16pm PST
    Karl Hess: Toward Liberty by Vested Id 11/28/2009, 4:42pm PST
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        Still there NT by Dave Letterman, eating a Dilly Bar 01/08/2011, 12:12am PST
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    LA X (Lost season 6 premiere) by Vested Id 02/03/2010, 5:10am PST
    Gropecunt Lane by Ray of Light 02/05/2010, 6:27am PST
        Now I understand where Dickens got his names from. by Choson 02/05/2010, 6:59am PST
            Yes, Dickens was likely a portmanteau of the words "dick" and "chickens" NT by Jerry Whorebach 02/05/2010, 7:08am PST
    Re: Great moments in Wikipedia writing by Worm 02/06/2010, 12:18pm PST
    Heavy Rain by Bananadine 02/07/2010, 11:22am PST
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    IDLE (Python) by Vested Id 02/17/2010, 4:18pm PST
    Magic satchel (nerd jargon) by Jerry Whorebach 02/27/2010, 11:11am PST
        I always thought this was called "trenchcoat effect" NT by Fullofkittens 02/27/2010, 11:43am PST
    Re: Great moments in Wikipedia writing by Noi Dau Don 03/02/2010, 10:00pm PST
        This is the most asinine thing ever. NT by laudablepuss 03/15/2010, 3:17pm PDT
    Soda Water by The Happiness Engine 03/15/2010, 12:22pm PDT
        :( NT by Snoop 03/15/2010, 1:22pm PDT
            Let me try again... by The Happiness Engine 04/07/2010, 8:53pm PDT
    many dead bats by Fozzie 03/16/2010, 9:50am PDT
    Zac Brown - Zac Brown Band by Rafiki 03/17/2010, 10:40am PDT
    Nearest Galaxy by laudablepuss 03/17/2010, 12:56pm PDT
    The SA by Picard 03/19/2010, 5:18pm PDT
        Finally, a guy who doesn't fucking hate Illinois Nazis. NT by Fortinbras 03/19/2010, 6:52pm PDT
    Parker Lewis Can't Lose by Fullofkittens (PLANETFALL SPOILER) 04/08/2010, 4:53pm PDT
        whoops, missed a spot by Fullofkittens (PLANETFALL SPOILER) 04/08/2010, 5:15pm PDT
        I used to watch that show a lot. :( NT by Jhoh Cause..... 2 04/08/2010, 5:17pm PDT
        How did you miss this? by mark 04/08/2010, 7:27pm PDT
            Re: How did you miss this? by Jhoh Cause..... 2 04/09/2010, 11:25am PDT
    The Women (1939) by mark 04/13/2010, 2:59pm PDT
        Wikihemingway NT by Fortinbras 04/14/2010, 9:56pm PDT
    Paladin of Shadows by Fortinbras 04/14/2010, 1:17am PDT
    Russian reversal by I need clarification 04/14/2010, 5:44pm PDT
        In Soviet Russia, the reversal Russias you. NT by Fullofkittens 04/14/2010, 6:51pm PDT
            I was going to complement INC on his merciful editing, but then you went and did NT by Entropy Stew 04/14/2010, 8:17pm PDT
    Lisa Foiles by Vested Id 04/16/2010, 2:40am PDT
    Asia - Asia (special guest edition featuring by Fullofkittens 05/04/2010, 8:50pm PDT
        LOL @ "a massive number four single" & the propulsive drumming by Fussbett 05/04/2010, 11:47pm PDT
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        Re: Great moments in Wikipedia writing by Noi Dau Don 06/02/2010, 12:25am PDT
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        DANGER: this technology grants wishes cheaply and harmlessly! NT by Last 08/26/2010, 11:26am PDT
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        So what's the first number? DONT LEAVE US HANGING, WIKI WRITER NT by laudablepuss 03/03/2011, 12:52am PST
        Those are the years they were married and how it ended. NT by Last 03/03/2011, 9:15am PST
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        Re: Old Man Murray by Scrife 03/11/2011, 7:08am PST
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            Citations are the currency of truth. by Jerry Whorebach by I'm using this. 03/20/2011, 11:25am PDT
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        I still don't get it. Is her head really really big? Help me wikipedia. NT by laudablepuss 05/10/2011, 9:22am PDT
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    Poke holes in the back of a butter knife? $240,000 (Aussie) DOLLARS by The Happiness Engine 08/24/2014, 12:11pm PDT
        Re: Poke holes in the back of a butter knife? $240,000 (Aussie) DOLLARS by The Happiness Engine 08/24/2014, 12:11pm PDT
            How did you goofed? NT by pinback 08/24/2014, 3:12pm PDT
                Wrong thread, wrong forum NT by bump 08/24/2014, 6:52pm PDT
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        There is nothing weird about this statement by laudablepuss 09/04/2014, 11:18pm PDT
            Where did you read this? I want to be blown away. NT by serial malcontent 09/06/2014, 11:35am PDT
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        Right desk: I had this exact desk for years, the wings had my speakers on them NT by Fullofkittens 03/06/2017, 5:49am PST
            Yeah, finding a desk that will take studio monitors is a bitch. NT by The Happiness Engine 03/06/2017, 3:25pm PST
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