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The stakes are . . . big? by laudablepuss 05/11/2021, 12:36pm PDT
The stakes have never been . . . more bigly. No. The stakes have never been . . . chunkier. No. The stakes have never throbbed so hard. No. Okay I give up.

Oh did he mean steaks? Yes I'll take a big steak please. GC4: Free steak with each purchase. That'll sell some units!
4 NT by 05/11/2021, 4:45am PDT
    The stakes are . . . big? by laudablepuss 05/11/2021, 12:36pm PDT
    Well, it's the prettiest goddamn space 4X I've ever seen. by pinback 06/15/2021, 8:30am PDT NEW
        Sure, whatever by laudablepuss 06/15/2021, 8:39am PDT NEW
            Hey, look, it's the same game, just the new version of it. Take it or leave it. by pinback 06/15/2021, 11:47am PDT NEW
                I *of course* am going to buy it instantly and play it for 10k hours NT by laudablepuss 06/15/2021, 1:04pm PDT NEW
                    Right. I hate Stardock, I hate Brad, he personally groped me, but NT by it's GalCiv, whaddya gonna do. 06/15/2021, 2:50pm PDT NEW
                        It's up to you whether you want to get the game by laudablepuss 06/15/2021, 3:51pm PDT NEW
                        I am sorry that happened to u NT by Jack Bauer 06/15/2021, 4:43pm PDT NEW
                            He was gentle and loving, but dude, I'm at Arby's, let me just eat my beef and c NT by heddar 06/16/2021, 8:07am PDT NEW
    So far even in its broke-ass Alpha state, I'm enjoying this more than 3. by pinback Today, 8:48am PDT NEW
        One major new great addition is "core worlds". by pinback Today, 1:28pm PDT NEW
        The new research thing is great too, though I'm afraid it'll change over time. by pinback Today, 1:33pm PDT NEW
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