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Minions by E. L. Koba 06/15/2021, 3:18pm PDT
Things only Boomers find funny NT by GO! 06/15/2021, 10:28am PDT
    Robin Williams NT by he does these impressions! 06/15/2021, 11:39am PDT
        Great example of why this thread blows by ;= 06/15/2021, 3:49pm PDT
            I think he's a perfect example by laudablepuss 06/17/2021, 1:59pm PDT
    Jay Leno NT by E. L. Koba 06/15/2021, 3:17pm PDT
        Ooooo that's a good one! NT by "He seems like a nice guy!" 06/15/2021, 3:38pm PDT
    Minions NT by E. L. Koba 06/15/2021, 3:18pm PDT
    Mel Brooks movies without Gene Wilder NT by oy! 06/15/2021, 3:43pm PDT
    Charlie Callas, Raymond J. Johnson Jr. by one-note to rule them all 06/15/2021, 4:17pm PDT
    Billy Crystal NT by i fucking win the thread 06/17/2021, 11:56am PDT
        City Slickers NT by II: The Search For Curly's Gold 06/17/2021, 1:06pm PDT
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