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Re: "Anecdotally" by Vidinfox 06/22/2021, 8:34am PDT
Good. We're taking all of July off at my company. Why? Because covid was an incredibly hard period for all of us and we as humans need a break. Somehow we all just seem to expect things to keep going like nothing changed. We all just seem to be expected to gloss over the pains of isolation, potential death and stress of work and life with no separation or boundaries. We made a conscious decision at my place of work to actually acknowledge the difficulties we've all been through and we're just going to take July off, because what else are we going to do? Ignore it? No. We won't do that.

Good for this guy. Hacker News is a forum and people on forums relate their personal experiences. It was truly a good thing to not see him autistically insert the word "anecdotally" in front of his experience. Hacker News is growing. :)

Lets check the first reply.

silicon2401 1 hour ago [–]

This is a very subjective statement.

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