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Unsolicited suggestions by Last 07/23/2021, 2:34pm PDT
1.) Put down enough miners to cover every node. It stinks when a line stops producing because it's waiting for you to reposition miners.

2.) Replace every storage unit with a supply tower.

Your screenshots are cool. I really like your dyson orbit layout. My orbits look like the star got dizzied.
BLUEPRINTS by pinback 07/23/2021, 1:44pm PDT
    (Also one iron deposit cannot support 27 smelters, turns out.) NT by pinback 07/23/2021, 1:45pm PDT
    Unsolicited suggestions by Last 07/23/2021, 2:34pm PDT
        I like those. Towers don't store as much though. by pinback 07/24/2021, 8:54am PDT
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