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A question for LAST. by pinback 07/28/2021, 8:21pm PDT
The second to last thing in the "main quest" is to unlock white science. The last thing -- win the game -- takes 4000 white sciences. Fine.

But there are lots of other things that require 4000 (or more!) white science. To fully upgrade your research speed takes 8000 white sciences!

My question is -- and if the answer involves spoilers, just say "you'll see" and leave it at that -- why would you get 8000 white sciences to upgrade research speed when you could have won the game in half that time?

Looking at the tech tree, that (and all the other things you can spend white on instead of winning the game) doesn't make any sense to me.

My initial thought was, well, it's just "mission accomplished", but you can continue after that and build the sphere of your dreams, but upgrading science speed doesn't make much sense since at that point you've almost maxed out everything anyway and there's no time limit.

A question for LAST. by pinback 07/28/2021, 8:21pm PDT
    I agree, they are virtually useless by Last 07/28/2021, 10:54pm PDT
        Re: I agree, they are virtually useless by pinback 07/29/2021, 7:22am PDT
            I asked on the Steam forums. The consensus is that since Mission Accomplished d NT by oesn't do anything, its a waste. 07/29/2021, 10:29am PDT
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