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Well I finally saw it. by MM 07/29/2021, 7:34pm PDT
Visuals are amazing but the script I don't know I think it was kind of both s*** and strangely nerdy and self-referential.

If you bought blade runner the final cut there is a making of documentary called dark Days in it. It feels like half the script and blade runner 2049 along with the visuals, are based on that documentary.

The opening scene is straight out of the original concept for the script. Asterisk spoilers asterisk a blade runner killing a farmer who's a replicant while there's a pot of beans boiling. Also there's a tidbit from the original blade runner where apparently Ridley Scott asked to have glimmering gold light from underneath in the Tyrell corporation building and it drove his director of photography crazy because there was no actual object in the room to justify that light source but Ridley Scott didn't care. In blade runner 2049 the Jared Leto has a giant water effect in all of his rooms that are lit by Golden light from above so God damn it I will explain the effect.

Also the ending is straight up the ending of drive. Like almost beat for beat. Ryan gosling's emotionally numb protagonist walks away from his romantic relationship and becomes batman. He attacks the bad guy by ramming them with his car at night coming out of the darkness unexpectedly. After the bad guys car is totaled, he comes out and drowns the main bad guy with his bare hands. He then walks away mortally wounded but the people he was trying to help are saved and can have a happy family life. Why remake drive?

But I think my biggest problem with the script was the cartoonishly evil villains. Tyrell was not necessarily a bad guy he was a guy operating within a bad system. He just replicants as machines and his effect was a man who's ready to break into a corporate advertising seminar at the drop of a hat.

Jared Leto in this movie is cartoonishly evil. He kisses a replicant and then disembowels her with a knife and then practically screams slaves! I need more slaves!! And later he kidnaps Harrison Ford and says now you will learn the true meaning of pain Mr deckard mwahaha

And his right hand woman is just weird. The replicants in the original movie were developing emotions for the first time and acted crazy because they didn't know how to handle them. But this replicant lady who clearly is in full control of her situation and has human underlings and everything else just seems to be crazy for the sake of justifying watching her being drowned by Ryan gosling.

Oh yeah, I just remembered they also did the sex scene from her. What is with all the weird homages in this film that don't even have anything to do with the original blade runner?

The one thing in the script that I kind of liked I think might have been unintentional, it's that Ryan gosling's character Arc is the opposite of the original movie. He's actually probably most in control of himself and his own destiny when he believes he's just a manufactured replicant whose memories are implanted. But over the journey in which he starts to think he's a real man and takes control of his own situation it ultimately turns out he's just acting out on memories that were intentionally implanted in him to cause the revolution that he is assisting in. He's ironically the least human at the end of his journey then when he thought it's all implanted so I'll just disregard them.

Between this and the second dune trailer I am no longer looking forward to dune at all.

Written with a smartphone using voice recognition, so blame any weird typos on that.
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    Well I finally saw it. by MM 07/29/2021, 7:34pm PDT
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