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Re: Well I finally saw it. by Mysterio's Hate Render 2070 08/01/2021, 2:26pm PDT
MM wrote:

Visuals are amazing but the script I don't know I think it was kind of both s*** and strangely nerdy and self-referential.
It's emaciated without copy & paste from the original.

Laughed at:
- The holo-girlfriend
- Shots with Gosling looking dumb & dead on, like a deer in the headlights, where all I could see was [AUTISM INTENSIFIES] beam out of the screen in 3D

Rewarding/enabling Harrison Ford to sit around in a t-shirt and drink whiskey for top dollar is bad behavior.

Join the revoluuuution, maaaaan.
Replicants seem to do nothing but revolt poorly. Somehow the emotionally distant superhumans are drafted to be the sympathetic underdogs. They get saddled with botched biblical framing: dethrone God in order to ... gain rule over Hell (wretched termite towers of LA, barren earth, fallout zones etc)??? Sure strategy to lock the audience's investment especially for the whole two minutes la resistence has on screen. Incredible.

Jerking the audience around when the stakes are basically zip either way. It's not the guy ... waaaait for it... it's the girl! Whoooa maaan, is your mind b l o w n? So fuckin' what? Kiss my ass.

The remaining existential question wasn't "Am I real?", or "What is real?", but rather why this dogshit exists.
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                Re: HE SAY YOU HITRER by laudablepuss 08/08/2021, 5:36pm PDT
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    Well I finally saw it. by MM 07/29/2021, 7:34pm PDT
        Re: Well I finally saw it. by Mysterio's Hate Render 2070 08/01/2021, 2:26pm PDT
            There is the possibility to explore a well built world and they did none of it by Ice Cream Jonsey 08/01/2021, 2:36pm PDT
                *sweats nervously * by Kathleen Kennedy 08/02/2021, 1:30pm PDT
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