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Re: An update for future historians. by Tuey 01/19/2022, 8:59pm PST
Ice Cream Jonsey wrote:

On today's date of July 17, 2021, you still can't buy a retail 3080 card, Xbox Series X or Playstation 5 from I'm arbitrarily deciding that if someone can casually buy one off Amazon without moving from their chair, then they are "available." You may hate my methods, that's fine, just post about it if so. We need posts.

PS5s start at $900 from the scalpers on Amazon, looks like the Series X is 700 and 3080 cards are all over the place, from 1800 and up.

Future historians, people ARE able to get these things by getting lucky and seeing them in physical stores and what have you. And I was able to buy my brother a Series S Xbox off Microsoft's site in March for the MSRP. So there's spurts of the stuff being available. Sort of.

The Atari VCS is not shipping yet, according to this - - although I guess pre-orders went out. And it's not on Amazon.

We are currently in a "chip shortage" although many of us at Caltrops have been through "RAM shortages" and it's either been price fixing or there is one conspiracy I saw the other day where a "hard drive shortage" in the past was because the NSA was buying up hard drives for their data centers to record all of our phone calls, which is definitely how people communicate with one another in 2021, so good work there if that conspiracy is true, which I have no take on. So maybe there is a "chip shortage" and maybe not.

The VCS is freely available.

The way it interfaces with its remote servers for setup is broken.

But you can buy it. One down, ICJ.
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