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Re: Let's talk about my incredibly stupid boss by laudablepuss 05/17/2022, 8:02am PDT
Joins a recorded meeting 45 minutes late, asks for a recap.

Today, joined our meeting (also being recorded) an hour late, asked "what's going on?" He doesn't need to be in either of these.

A couple weeks ago, I was in a meeting with him and several of our vendor guys (folks we're working with to get a warehouse system running). His attitude is to "throw elbows" as he put it, and I get it, not putting up with vendor crap is important for vendor wrangling. But this was the most hostile meeting I've ever been in. He had micromanaging demands for them and the tension was palpable. I wrote an apology email to the external team lead. I have to work with these guys still, dick!

Then, in our internal standup, he complained about one of our own employees (not in the meeting but a team member) who was too pro-this vendor. "He thinks their poop doesn't stink." This kind of sniping about someone we work with was amazing to me. Also, I don't have any incredible stories of vendor incompetence or crazy demands to match up with this level of hostility.

Oh, and he also doesn't understand how blockchain works and thinks cryptocurrency is stupid. (Some wallet was hacked and he was like "banks are safer".) Ok, I don't really care. But he weirdly brings it up apropos of nothing to brag about how smart he is.
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