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See if any whores banned from instagram will sleep with you before you leave by blackwater 05/21/2022, 10:34am PDT

An OnlyFans model and creator, who was blocked on Instagram, has reportedly claimed that she devised a unique strategy to get her account restored, that by having sex with employees of Meta, formerly known as Facebook. The amateur porn artist, who goes by the name Kitty Lixo on Instagram and OnlyFans, made the bombshell revelations on podcast "No Jumper."

Lixo said on the podcast that she had sex with not one but multiple employees of Meta Platforms. Finally, the employees agreed to have a look at her request and her account was restored. Lixo is happy that she is back on the social media platform once again.

Lixo recounts in the viral podcast that after her Instagram was first put down, she began sleeping with a guy friend who worked at Instagram in order to reclaim it. The scandalous allegations came as a shock to the viewers.

Adam (@adam22), a Twitter user and host of the No Jumper podcast, tweeted the video on Wednesday, in which Lixo discloses the "sluttiest thing she's ever done." The video has already garnered over 900,000 views.

"All you have to do is have someone really really like you," the skin-fluencer explained in the clip.

The shocking clip which is captioned, "How to get your Instagram back if it gets deleted," sees Lixo explaining how she had sex to accomplish her goal of getting her Instagram account activated at the earliest. She said she slept with multiple Meta (Facebook) employees after her account got "shut down like three or four times."

The reason for her being blocked remains unclear. However, the porn star routinely connected her OnlyFans account on the website, according to the Daily Dot which may have led Meta to block her Instagram page. It is against Meta's community guidelines to promote pornographic websites.

However, Lixo didn't wait to write e-mails to Instagram to lift the block. Instead she devised her own strategy. "The first time I got my Instagram shut down, one of my friends, he works at Instagram, he's a guy friend," she Lixo said.

"So I started sleeping with him to have him get my Instagram account back. And he did, which was really nice of him."


"I contacted them on Instagram through my backup and still slutty account," she said.

Lino managed to establish communication with a few of them who knew about her "Girls Gone Wireless" podcast. And then it was a cakewalk for Lixo.

"We met up and like I fucked a couple of them, and I was able to get my account back like two or three times," Lixo claimed.
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