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Alex Jones also had a poor week. by Horus Truthteller 08/08/2022, 8:22pm PDT
There is a video of Alex Jones coughing on the stand to, I guess, delay the questions being asked. He is an enormous bitch for this. At one point he says, I know you all think I am faking this, but the cough is real. Right, Alex. You deserve sympathy. You deserve sympathy, here in court regarding you siccing your followers on the families that lost their children at Sandy Hook.

When the opposing attorney reveals that he has 2 gigabytes of his cellphone information, the cough stops. Incredible! Just stops! So he was lying about it being real after all.

I used to listen to him in college for entertainment, it is entertaining to hear about some conspiracies. But what a coward.
FBI no-knock raided Mar-a-Lago. Holy shit! NT by Mischief Maker 08/08/2022, 5:34pm PDT
    Manafort confessed to colluding with Russia today too. NT by Mysterio 08/08/2022, 7:35pm PDT
        Alex Jones also had a poor week. by Horus Truthteller 08/08/2022, 8:22pm PDT
    Wow, Trump was an unmitigated disaster, who could have guessed NT by Bloom County Readers 08/09/2022, 8:21am PDT
    I've been reading that this was supposedly about Trump retaining documents by blackwater 08/10/2022, 1:28pm PDT
        Guess Trump shouldn't have appointed the FBI director & the judge who signed off by on the warrant. 08/10/2022, 2:15pm PDT
            I got to listen to Fox News last night by Mysterio 08/10/2022, 7:26pm PDT
        Headlines saying it was nuclear documents. NT by Mysterio 08/11/2022, 6:53pm PDT
        Trump stole nuclear secrets. That big enough? by The FBI 08/11/2022, 7:13pm PDT
    Seems pretty insane by laudablepuss 08/26/2022, 12:35pm PDT
        [redacted] by [redacted] 08/26/2022, 7:52pm PDT
            Right, nothing was revealed in the affidavit. Got it. NT by laudablepuss 08/26/2022, 8:52pm PDT
                They'll [redacted] October [redacted] NT by [redacted] 08/26/2022, 9:07pm PDT
        The sound of a man spinning around in his office chair will be known as a "laud" NT by Foley Artists of America 08/26/2022, 9:10pm PDT
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