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Re: I'll just start an "Adobe sucks" thread by Roop 08/12/2022, 8:32pm PDT
they do wrote:

Yeah yeah, no private citizen in their right mind still pays for Adobe products, or even uses them anymore when any alternatives at all are available.

I've always used Photoshop and never once paid for it before Creative Cloud. Not only that, I don't know anybody else who ever did, either.

Hey at least I didn't pirate it like everybody else, the lab would actually give me a copy. You know why? Because photo editing programs other than photoshop always caused problems, like weird color shifts in places there shouldn't be, giving the color correctors nightmares. And of course: every other photo editing program is playing catch up and for shit at it.

It was always a pain in the ass convincing the lab to upgrade. So, I like Creative Cloud. As long as Photoshop makes me more than ten dollars a month, it's worth it. Recently, I was helping somebody with a project, so nice to not deal with the fucking fonts, Creative Cloud just downloaded them for me when I opened the file.

But this thread isn't for the love of Adobe, they can go fuck themselves!

There was this nice filter you could run, there was so much hype for it before it got added, Shake Reduction. One day it just disappeared. I needed that fucking filter, have a guy never using a tripod because he's a pet photographer. I have to go digging in the patch notes, find out the filter hadn't been working for a year on macs because some asshole at Apple decided to change chips again. Those assholes are always changing chips? So anyway Adobe works on getting that filter working for a year and give up, then say, O well too bad for you PC people, everything has to be perfect on all the platforms! O for fuck sake, I need to start running multiple versions of Photoshop now, but I have to turn off auto updates. They make it difficult, so I haven't done it yet, so yeah Adobe can go get fucked! And you know sometimes when I go in that Photoshop menu and I'm not seeing what I want, fucker feels like fucking Gimp. So fuck you, Adobe!
I'll just start an "Adobe sucks" thread by they do 08/11/2022, 7:04pm PDT
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        Re: I'll just start an "Adobe sucks" thread by they do 08/12/2022, 4:59am PDT
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    Re: I'll just start an "Adobe sucks" thread by Roop 08/12/2022, 8:32pm PDT
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        Re: I'll just start an "Adobe sucks" thread by Mysterio 09/09/2022, 6:44am PDT NEW
            Adobe burned down houses in Indiana too NT by Lars 09/09/2022, 11:42am PDT NEW
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