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The Riftbreaker by Mischief Maker 08/15/2022, 6:50pm PDT

I mean this meme with all the connotations of dread that go with it.

You see, I've been obsessed with the Total Annihilation and later Supreme Commander games for years, even though I'm terrible at them. I always over-turtle and try to do too much with my commander unit alone. The Riftbreaker is a game completely devoted to my wrong style of play for that RTS.

Plus it gives me more of an "exploring and scanning an alien world" vibe than No Man's Sky ever did.

But part of me resents this game because the developer's previous game X-Morph Defense is the greatest tower defense game ever made and easily in my all-time top 20, maybe even top 10, but Riftbreaker feels like it renders that game obsolete with the better tech and more expansive gameplay, and I'm not sure I really enjoy the more expansive gameplay yet. I keep restarting because the game keeps unfolding new systems and I keep realizing my built my main base wrong. We'll see how I feel after I encounter the X-Morph aliens from the DLC.

THERE, is that enough content for you? Sheesh!
The Riftbreaker by Mischief Maker 08/15/2022, 6:50pm PDT
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