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The changing sexual mores by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 09/23/2022, 5:24am PDT
Sometime in the mid 1980s I discovered something about the sexual mores of Westerm civilzation, that is, that they have a complete 180° rotation with respect to dating and sexual encounters, every few years. Initially there is a relatively conservative (closed) sexual attitude period. Women, and to a degree people in general, are less receptive to casual sex, to first-time encounters, to sex before marriage. Marriage is more likely as opposecd to having boyfriend-gitlfriend status, and it is harder to find romantic partners for short-term liasons. This continues - for a while - until people find the conditions to be too "stifling" or there is a desire to rebel over the attitudes of parents.

This then becomes the liberal (open) sexual attitude period. One night stands, casual sex, easy hookups, ("free love") being an unmarried couple (boyfriend and girlfriend) is more common and marriage is less likely. Again, this also continues for a while, things are seen as "too loose" and it switches back over to conservative sexual attitudes.

How long does this take? On average, roughly 20 years.

And this is not recent; this goes back probably hundreds of years. There are reports from colonial times of how couples often got involved even though not married, and, as long as it was just fun, people truned a blind eye to it. But once she got pregnant, there would be strong social pressure on the couple to marry, so as not to have an infant "bastard chargeable to the town."

All we have to do is look at the prior century, to times well known. The 1960s - 1980s were very open (liberal). The 1940s to the 2960s were very conservative. The 1920s to the 1930s were lieral, 1900s to 1920s were conservative, and 1880s to 1900s were liberal.

We can also infer this from things that happened during those generations.
* The 1890s were known as the "gay nineties."
* The 1920s were known for some relatively (for the time) risque behavior.
* During the 1930s, finding paying tenants was very difficult and a landlord was very unlikely to kick out some man or woman who brought someone up to their room *in a tooming house) or apartement to stay for a few hours or overnight, if they were quiet and especially paid their rent on time. Because if you as a landlord made a squawk about it, your good tenant might just decide to move some place else where the landlord was more interested in the tenant's prompt rent payment then their morals. Liberal period.
* The 1940s had most of the young men - the ones most likely interested in casual sex - in a foxhole in Europe or the Pacific. Conservative period.
* The "swinging sixties," 1960s-1980s where the sexual mores relly chnged, partially to better availability of communication channels such as television and the telephone. Automobiles became very popular and unchaperoned young people could sneak off for "fumble jumping in parked cars." The number of babies actually conceived in cars was a lot higher than it was before.
* The 1980s had the major veneral disease crisis as serious diseases which ere either permanent or fatal made casual sex and one-night-stands less likely.

When in the period, it is often likely to recognize when society started to change. In the early 1980s, women started complaining about bating suits showing too much. When you're less interested in attracting sex partners you don't have to adverise as much. Then, in the early 2000s, the prevalence of "sexting" and of teenagers being charged with "distribution of child pornogrphy," when a girl under 18 sent her boyfriend a picture of her topless.

The change over lasts about three years. It's almost exact. 1963 was when attitudes were fully liberalized. 1983 was when things became less open, and about 2003 it opened up again. Now, in 2022 we're moving back to a more closed status. This should be completed by 2023. Right now, I think there are a few items that make this clear. The rise of the "MGTOW" crowd, i.e. "men going their own way" where some men consider the hassles of dating to be not worth the effort, and the disincentives to marriage causing a number of men to volutatily exit the dating world. Plus the so=called "incels," or involutarily celeabte (usually men).

So, for those of you who are out there enjoying opportunities for hook-ups and one-night-stands, enjoy it while it lasts because it will be less likely in the future. Mote this does not mean in either period there weren't people doing the opposite. Many people still marry during sexually liberal attitudes, and there are still some couples who aren't during closed periods.
The changing sexual mores by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 09/23/2022, 5:24am PDT NEW
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