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Day 25!!! by Your Christmas present 01/21/2023, 7:27pm PST
This one breaks all the rules I had been going by up until this point:

-American ads only

European standards are different. The whole point was that at one point, these ads ran in America.

-Print ads only

Magazines tended to have that extra punch of tastelessness

-90s only

The height of tastelessness that will never be again.

So here I am, submitting the final ad that was television, in Europe, in the 21st century.

I think you will all not care, and agree that the best was saved for last.
Let's have an advent holiday calendar of tasteless 90s game ads by Day 1 12/22/2022, 3:23pm PST
    I eagerly await Forsaken! NT by Mischief Maker 12/22/2022, 4:53pm PST
    I laughed out loud. Great way to start. by AngerBot4000 12/23/2022, 8:55am PST
    Day 2 by the Smart bet 12/23/2022, 11:30am PST
        The rare threaded dildo, for vaginas with a left-hand twist. NT by Brody Wilder 12/23/2022, 12:05pm PST
    Day 3 by everyone remembers this one 12/24/2022, 8:29am PST
        I thought the implication was the Neo Geo gave him the same demon dick. NT by Mischief Maker 12/24/2022, 9:59am PST
    Day 4 (it's Christmas, so you get the best one) by Merry Christmas! 12/24/2022, 10:53pm PST
        Bonus! by Mysterioso 12/25/2022, 6:47am PST
    Day 5 by Garbage Nail Kids 12/26/2022, 8:23pm PST
    Day 6 by where dreams die 12/29/2022, 9:19pm PST NEW
        Obligatory Amiga Power by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/30/2022, 12:32pm PST NEW
        still angry at this piece of shit NT by Entropy Stew 01/14/2023, 10:51pm PST NEW
    Day 7 by Michael Lee Aday 12/30/2022, 9:58pm PST NEW
    Day 8 by Plumbers union 01/02/2023, 12:25am PST NEW
    Day 9 by Nintendo veers away from sex & dirt 01/03/2023, 12:34am PST NEW
        Didn't they also have a bunch of witch doctor themed ads for Dr. Mario? NT by blackwater 01/03/2023, 2:07pm PST NEW
    Day 10 by Suicide is tasteless 01/03/2023, 8:22pm PST NEW
        This is a good one NT by I like it 01/04/2023, 12:16pm PST NEW
        I'll git push lots of changes by Entropy Stew 01/14/2023, 10:54pm PST NEW
    Day 11 by Nobody wanted this 01/04/2023, 10:05pm PST NEW
        NEEDS MORE NT by MAN ASS 01/05/2023, 4:01am PST NEW
        The Qtip move was a disgusting touch. NT by John Gulp 01/05/2023, 8:07pm PST NEW
        I see you, ass-looker NT by Locker room attendant 01/06/2023, 12:13pm PST NEW
    Day 12 (from one disgusting ad) by to another 01/06/2023, 9:20pm PST NEW
        I can't stop looking at this picture. by blackwater 01/08/2023, 1:20pm PST NEW
    Day 13 by Richard Gere 01/08/2023, 1:53am PST NEW
        Fix it NT by pinback 01/08/2023, 2:04am PST NEW
    Day 13 by Fix-It Felix 01/08/2023, 9:38am PST NEW
    Day 14 by I don't even get this one 01/09/2023, 2:33am PST NEW
        This generation of advertisers were bad at their jobs. by Geryk 01/09/2023, 9:58am PST NEW
    Day 15 by assault 01/09/2023, 9:05pm PST NEW
        I'll allow it NT by Line Judge Stew 01/14/2023, 10:58pm PST NEW
    Day 16 by blatant assault 01/10/2023, 2:18pm PST NEW
    Day 17 by probably the creepiest 01/13/2023, 9:46pm PST NEW
        This fuels me. NT by Geryk 01/14/2023, 10:33am PST NEW
        Can't believe I missed this one NT by Heartwarming 01/14/2023, 6:26pm PST NEW
    Day 18 by The birds and the bees knees 01/15/2023, 1:15am PST NEW
        I had to buy a second monitor to see the entire image. NT by pinback 01/15/2023, 6:31am PST NEW
        Classic 32X intercourse ad NT by Tag: The Affirmation Game 01/15/2023, 7:25am PST NEW
        Day 19 by let's run with it 01/15/2023, 8:42pm PST NEW
    Day 19 by let's run with it 01/15/2023, 8:43pm PST NEW
    Day 20 by we won't need eyes to see 01/16/2023, 2:20pm PST NEW
        That is horrific. Do more tennis babe ass ones. NT by pinback 01/17/2023, 4:08am PST NEW
            I can share some from my own collection. by Dream Cast 01/17/2023, 1:51pm PST NEW
    Day 21 by David Carradine 01/17/2023, 10:16pm PST NEW
    Day 22 by leather? I dont even KNOW her! 01/18/2023, 5:59pm PST NEW
        Re: Day 22 by CattleHumper 01/19/2023, 10:07am PST NEW
        I remember this ad by T.A.G. 01/19/2023, 10:31am PST NEW
    Day 23 by ending it all 01/19/2023, 10:33pm PST NEW
        Horror ads are at least appropriate to the game by blackwater 01/20/2023, 11:35am PST NEW
        Re: Day 23 by T.A.G. 01/20/2023, 12:44pm PST NEW
        I hope that's not Chris's hand NT by Barry 01/20/2023, 2:23pm PST NEW
    Day 24 by surprise! 01/20/2023, 11:13pm PST NEW
    Day 25!!! by Your Christmas present 01/21/2023, 7:27pm PST NEW
        Thanks! That was fun. NT by Mysterio 01/22/2023, 6:03pm PST NEW
            We usually are! NT by tits 01/22/2023, 6:49pm PST NEW
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