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4.51 is out, no patch notes by laudablepuss 01/24/2023, 7:42pm PST
Stardock, what the hell is your fucking problem?

This update was largely focused on addressing some balance issues brought up to us by our community. We took a look at the morale bonus granted from colony capitals and recued it from 2 to 1. This change only effects the Crusade expansion; we had already changed it to 1 for Retribution.

Synthetic species - like the Yor - now have access to the City Improvement. Additionally, the AI is less likely to surrender as quickly as it used to and will instead put up a bigger fight when you try to subdue them with whatever your method of choice might be.

One of our key pieces of advice when starting a game of Galactic Civilizations III is to scout early - though it's kind of hard to do that if you don't have a survey ship! Once the community brought it to our attention that the Korath and the Drath were missing this starting vessel, we made sure to get that fix into v4.51.

We were also made aware of some various issues with the Snathi, Map Pack, and Builders Kit DLCs on Epic, so those fixes have also gone into this update.

Thank you for being such a loyal, supportive, and vocal community! Your feedback and participation on Discord and in our forums is invaluable to us.

A couple items here are basically patch notes like "AI is less likely to surrender". But then we have "we were also made aware of various issues" and now they're fixed! Oh great!

Remember that time they came out with a 1 GB patch and no comment on what it was? Then it broke everyone's game if they didn't have all the DLCs and they rushed a tiny update with just the note that it fixed a game crash bug? This is at least better than that I guess.
New 4.5 patch for III by laudablepuss 12/24/2022, 9:34am PST
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        4.51 is out, no patch notes by laudablepuss 01/24/2023, 7:42pm PST NEW
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