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You shouldn't by Worm 01/29/2023, 8:49pm PST
I'm finishing it up to start working my way through Yakuza 4-7 finally. I think Judgment is fine and I've heard Lost Judgment is better, Judgment has it's moments but just suffers from repetitive missions and a slow pace.
Judgment by Worm 01/25/2023, 12:15pm PST
    Worm! We need reviews of all GOG's NSFW week sale! NT by stat! 01/26/2023, 1:07am PST
        Someone here liked the Sunrider games. HuniePop is actually kind of fun by Worm 01/29/2023, 8:57pm PST
            Saya could have easily lost the pedo sex and been a great Lovecraftian story by tits? 01/30/2023, 12:19am PST
                Much like Tsukihime or Fate Stay Night it is what it is. by Worm 01/30/2023, 9:02am PST
    Why buy judgment when you can buy Yakuza Zero though NT by Mysterio 01/28/2023, 12:40pm PST
        You shouldn't by Worm 01/29/2023, 8:49pm PST
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