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No. We didn't. by ugh 01/30/2023, 4:32pm PST
Looks like Ol' Pissjugs is stepping down as CEO by Kirahu Nagasawa 02/03/2021, 6:01am PST
    Don't take any shit NT by leave it for the next shift to deal 02/05/2021, 2:12pm PST
        Re: Don't take any shit by MM 02/06/2021, 7:05am PST
    The Amazonnews twitter account is trying to stop the pissjug by Mysterio 03/25/2021, 9:30pm PDT
        It's true, look at this absolute failure of a cunt. by Kirahu Nagasawa 03/27/2021, 9:21am PDT
            It's like listening to the AI bots in Unreal Tournament the way bitch gets by thrown around on here. 03/27/2021, 10:23am PDT
                Oh shut the fuck up. NT by Judge Barry 03/27/2021, 11:29am PDT
                    You wouldn't last five minutes with me in Unreal Tournament, bub. NT by Droz 03/27/2021, 11:47am PDT
                Ok, ok. Fine. NT by Kirahu Nagasawa 03/27/2021, 11:59am PDT
                I too am nostalgic for "bitch" by Vested Id 03/27/2021, 12:21pm PDT
            Dave Clark runs the @amazonnews account, not some dumb intern NT by E. L. Koba 03/27/2021, 1:46pm PDT
                We appreciate you giving us the name of the piece of shit. NT by Holy fuck imagine working for him 03/27/2021, 2:36pm PDT
                    Liz calling this shitboy out for his "snotty tweets" is great NT by lolololo 03/28/2021, 12:11pm PDT
    I guess Alabamans like shitting in bags. :( NT by MM 04/09/2021, 12:48pm PDT
        The cunt at @amazonnews made sure to crow about it by Mysterio 04/09/2021, 7:07pm PDT
            Hope springs eternal? by MM 04/09/2021, 9:19pm PDT
        Most of the warehouse voters were black. Are you saying there's a connection? NT by IPB 04/10/2021, 4:12pm PDT
            Dang. You got me. NT by Mischief Maker 04/10/2021, 4:14pm PDT
                Play Accidental Racist on loop until you absorb its lessons NT by IPB 04/10/2021, 8:37pm PDT
                    I'm totally gonna follow your advice because you're really smart AND perceptive! NT by Mischief Maker 04/11/2021, 12:41pm PDT
        MischiefMaker: noooo you can't just vote against your economic interests!!! NT by Alabama: union influence goes FART 04/11/2021, 8:20am PDT
            Amazon fucking with traffic lights is a real thing they did. Now you must defend by it. 04/11/2021, 10:08am PDT
                I'm not defending Amazon, I'm making fun of MischiefMaker NT by Fag. 04/11/2021, 11:46am PDT
                    You're just defeating me left and right, dude! Is it everything you hoped for? NT by Mischief Maker 04/11/2021, 12:40pm PDT
                        Me??? Shouldn't you be plotting to set off a bomb in that Amazon facility to by own the cons? 04/11/2021, 1:22pm PDT
                            These "own the cons" posts say much more about you than they do about me. NT by Mischief pwner 04/11/2021, 1:38pm PDT
                    Right, so a coward. NT by it. 04/11/2021, 5:46pm PDT
                    Bootlicking coward NT by BTW 05/14/2021, 9:47pm PDT
                    Biggest pussy in site history btw NT by NA 12/11/2021, 11:22pm PST
                I wish they'd fuck with more of them so I get 1 day shipping NT by IPB 04/24/2021, 9:35am PDT
            Real wages go UP with the abolition of unions! NT by This is what bleachers believe 04/12/2021, 12:37pm PDT
                Dave Clark seems like the kind of guy that would personally drown by Ichabod 04/12/2021, 1:41pm PDT
                    EXTRAORDINAY AND REVEALING!!!! I GOT HERE ON MERIT~ NT by Mysterio 04/12/2021, 1:43pm PDT
            How did John Deere do with a union? by JPG Man 11/18/2021, 10:54am PST
    Ok but by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/19/2021, 5:41am PDT
    Looks like Ol' "Extraordinary and Revealing!!" got people killed last night by Geryk 12/11/2021, 8:05pm PST
        the workers need to take some of the responsibility for being dummies. by Jerry Whorebach 12/11/2021, 11:44pm PST
            If even a single Amazon customer had ordered jetpack that day lives NT by Would be saved. We must look inward 12/12/2021, 7:09am PST
        Psychopath by Geryk 12/13/2021, 4:56am PST
            Didja hear of that new band called the Dave Clark Six? by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/13/2021, 5:49am PST
            Re: Psychopath by E. L. Koba 12/13/2021, 4:46pm PST
                Similarly: NT by "our democracy" 12/13/2021, 4:58pm PST
            That psychopath literally said thoughts and prayers by Horus Truthteller 06/29/2022, 1:56pm PDT
    Wrongful death suit by EXTRAORDINARY AND REVEALING 01/17/2022, 6:12pm PST
    I'm back (miss me?) and laughing at Pissjugs, Jr by Kirahu Nagasawa 01/30/2023, 2:33pm PST
        No. We didn't. NT by ugh 01/30/2023, 4:32pm PST
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