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Freedom Planet 2?!! by Mischief Maker 02/01/2023, 8:30am PST
This has been out since last September and I didn't know about it?!!

I thought for sure GOG would have it, since they let part 1 on the store. But apparently the fucking GOG curators turned it down! And the day I found out, GOG's big top-of-the-page banner release was fucking "radioactive sewer dwarves," a game that would have looked like a piece of shit even by early 80s standards. I love having a DRM-free game store, but I fucking HATE GOG's idiot curators. Fortunately has it DRM-free, so thanks to ICJ for drawing my attention to that site recently with that Star Trek fangame.

Anyway, Freedom Planet, if you don't know, was an overgrown fangame which evolved into its own thing that was equal parts Sonic the Hedgehog and Gunstar Heroes. 3 wildly different playing characters zipped their way through sonic-style levels full of loop-de-loops and ziplines before taking on a Treasure-calibur boss, with excellent music and spritework as well as fully voiceacted cutscenes. It was great fun, but a little rough around the edges here and there.

Freedom Planet 2 is a total improvement over 1 so far, with all my niggling complaints fixed and all the great parts improved. While FP1 felt like an oversized Sega Genesis game, FP2 feels like a Sega Saturn tribute, with sharper and more detailed spritework alongside basic polygon assets. Each level is a gigantic multi-path affair filled to the brim with props to bounce, spin, and fly off of. And they've added a fourth character with an entirely new moveset. If it's of interest to you, apparently the main villain's voice actress is a big name in anime.

Every review I saw of this game was 10/10 with the word "perfection" thrown about liberally, and so far my early impression is in agreement. I haven't played every 2D Sonic game, but this is easily the best.
Freedom Planet 2?!! by Mischief Maker 02/01/2023, 8:30am PST
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