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Gawker 2.0 is finally dead by blackwater 02/01/2023, 10:53am PST


Well, after an incredible 1.5 years, BDG has decided it is done with Gawker 2.0. Can't say enough about how proud I am of the site and all the brilliant people who worked to create it, and what a staggering shame this is. I had an absolute blast, and I love you
Official Gawker Media thread by skip 01/04/2014, 3:48pm PST
    I fucking hate Tom Scocca (mention this post on twitter plz) by WITTGENSTEIN 01/04/2014, 4:46pm PST
        Re: I fucking hate Tom Scocca (mention this post on twitter plz) by every caltrops poster you hate 01/04/2014, 6:09pm PST
            At least caltrops posters criticize games and play games. by WITTGENSTEIN 01/04/2014, 7:00pm PST
                Just out of curiosity can you recommend any kind of news outlet that isn't shit? by fucking newbie 01/04/2014, 7:05pm PST
                    I waffled on answering this because I can imagine so many snarky replies but.... by WITTGENSTEIN 01/13/2014, 12:00pm PST
    Don't know if this counts, since it's written by a freelancer... by Jerry Whorebach 01/05/2014, 2:35am PST
        That's the only good feature over there by col.schickn 01/05/2014, 11:56am PST
    gawker is bad and everyone should put them in loopback by jeep 01/07/2014, 8:36am PST
        For example Kotaku named Gone Home their GOTY, obviously solely for page views NT by Worm 01/07/2014, 9:37am PST
    Deadspin publishes an article about 9,000 words long by skip 07/23/2014, 5:43pm PDT
        They have a terrible series on "Why your (NFL) team sucks." by Ice Cream Jonsey 08/13/2014, 11:33am PDT
            I busted out laughing at the Jezebel rape-gif problem post NT by WITTGENSTEIN 08/13/2014, 12:13pm PDT
                Re: I busted out laughing at the Jezebel rape-gif problem post by E. L. Koba 08/13/2014, 2:00pm PDT
                    It's really great by NA 08/13/2014, 2:42pm PDT
                        Haha yeah what kind of IDIOT allows anonymous unmoderated internet posting NT by Hans Clastorp 08/14/2014, 3:14pm PDT
                            Re: Haha yeah what kind of IDIOT allows anonymous unmoderated internet by laudablepuss 08/14/2014, 4:03pm PDT
                                Exactly. The schadenfreude in the this thread is pretty hypocritical IMHO by Hans Clastorp 08/14/2014, 4:46pm PDT
                                    I've been here since 2011 and have never heard of this before. NT by NA 08/14/2014, 5:42pm PDT
                                        2011? We've been here by since before you were born, bitch 08/14/2014, 5:47pm PDT
                                            RE:2011? by Old Time Caltrops Poster 08/14/2014, 7:48pm PDT
                                    Well if nothing else it signifies Gawker reaching some critical mass. by Worm 08/14/2014, 6:54pm PDT
                                    Not really. by WITTGENSTEIN 08/14/2014, 7:14pm PDT
                                        We would welcome the fresh content. NT by NA 08/14/2014, 7:47pm PDT
                                            Granny porn is pretty much the opposite of "fresh content" NT by blackwater 08/14/2014, 10:16pm PDT
            You make it sound so simple (because it is) by skip 08/13/2014, 5:25pm PDT
    The Sad Tale of Lifehacker by skip 12/02/2014, 9:46pm PST
    Re: Official Gawker Media thread by Glenn from Habbo 07/17/2015, 8:31am PDT
        That guy is hot, he could have just hooked up with another hot non sexworker NT by my waifu is a gastroenterologist 07/17/2015, 9:29am PDT
        Fucking repugnant. NT by Souffle of Pain 07/17/2015, 9:36am PDT
        Gawker is burning by Glenn from Habbo 07/21/2015, 9:37am PDT
            They dont get it by Glenn from Habbo 07/21/2015, 9:38am PDT
                Now there is a healthy work environment, jesus christ NT by Vested Id 07/21/2015, 9:41am PDT
                Tell me one thing about yourself not having to do with Gawker. NT by Brian 07/21/2015, 10:20am PDT
                "criticism and abuse online" Known to the rest of of us as our tween years. NT by Worm 07/21/2015, 11:11am PDT
            Wardell is definitely someone who wanted to know the history of a worker's vag. NT by Worm 07/21/2015, 11:12am PDT
                You think it would already be in HR's files NT by Entropy Stew 07/21/2015, 2:36pm PDT
            More shit is leaving. 8) by Glenn from Habbo 11/03/2015, 5:53pm PST
                "Exploring!!!!!" every single one of them is a human ball crawl. NT by Mysterio Lollerson 04/30/2017, 9:08pm PDT
            :) NT by Glenn from Habbo 03/19/2016, 8:22am PDT
                OHHHHHH YEAH BRUTHA NT by Macho Hulk Randy Hogan 03/19/2016, 1:38pm PDT
                    Re: OHHHHHH YEAH BRUTHA by Rey Mysterio Jr. 03/19/2016, 7:50pm PDT
                        Hopefully Jalopnik gets a good home NT by Entropy Stew 03/22/2016, 12:55am PDT
        People are fucking defending Gawker, this is great. by Chisler 03/20/2016, 1:49pm PDT
            "Stifling Journalism" by skip 03/20/2016, 3:15pm PDT
        An extra 25 million for punitive distress by skip 03/21/2016, 8:40pm PDT
            Drain? Give me more. NT by Vested Id 03/21/2016, 8:58pm PDT
        Denton posts a rant in response to the verdict by skip 03/22/2016, 9:45pm PDT
            These are the some assholes who called for heads on pikes for posting CHAT LOGS NT by about Zoe Quinn's sex life 03/22/2016, 9:52pm PDT
                Is anybody honestly going to miss Gawker? NT by skip 03/23/2016, 12:35pm PDT
            At least illustrator Jim Cooke got to strut his stuff by Vested Id 03/23/2016, 12:58pm PDT
    Who wants to read Denton be a defensive bitch? by skip 05/26/2016, 8:57pm PDT
        So good, so creamy by Glenn from Habbo 05/27/2016, 7:11am PDT
        Next thing you know he'll be pleading his case on The View by Vested Id 05/27/2016, 7:22am PDT
    Gawker has filed for bankruptcy NT by Gently Masturbated by Hulk Hogan 06/10/2016, 11:12am PDT
        Top bid is Ziff Davis, which owns IGN. by skip 06/10/2016, 1:29pm PDT
        I wish they went for option #2: NT by Personal property of Hulk Hogan 06/10/2016, 1:38pm PDT
        Ding dong, Gawker's dead by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 06/10/2016, 5:25pm PDT
            Re: Ding dong, Gawker's dead by Mysterio 06/12/2016, 1:00am PDT
                Re: Ding dong, Gawker's dead by artist formerly known as Eurotrash 06/12/2016, 2:43am PDT
    For fun: Gawker Glassdoor page by Vested Id 06/10/2016, 2:57pm PDT
    Re: Official Gawker Media thread by Mysterio 08/02/2016, 10:18pm PDT
        Re: Official Gawker Media thread by jesus fucking christ 08/02/2016, 10:22pm PDT
    Time to bronze this thread by Vested Id 08/18/2016, 11:04am PDT
        Where will the offenderati get their outrage fodder? Will no one think of the NT by Twitter hashtags? 08/21/2016, 2:49pm PDT
    I like it when they blame Thiel for their repugnant nature. by Johnny Fivedicks 08/27/2016, 11:05am PDT
    Their war against Reddit continues by skip 03/19/2017, 3:41pm PDT
    This is how they actually speak to people by the way ;) by Glenn from Habbo 08/19/2017, 9:05pm PDT
        "Fuck you, I didn't even write that email, you wanna write the piece for us" by Vested Id 08/19/2017, 9:29pm PDT
        Nice find by skip 08/20/2017, 2:45pm PDT
        Wow is Wilson Rothman a total piece of shit by Mysterio 09/15/2019, 4:08pm PDT
    The media is still obsessed with Gawker's downfall by skip 03/07/2018, 9:21pm PST
        There's never a bad time to remember Gawker's downfall by blackwater 03/08/2018, 11:21am PST
    They use their jobs to complain about their employers by Glenn from Habbo 08/26/2019, 9:14am PDT
        She quit and that post was her last one by - 08/26/2019, 9:16am PDT
    Those who comment are repellent by Glenn from Habbo 09/22/2019, 8:49pm PDT
        I've never seen GoT, either, but li'l dude was da bomb in The Station Agent. by Injustice 09/22/2019, 11:07pm PDT
            Also "In Bruges". NT by The Happiness Engine 09/23/2019, 1:49pm PDT
                Living in Oblivion and downhill ever since NT by The OG dwarffan 09/23/2019, 2:03pm PDT
    Gawker 2.0 is finally dead by blackwater 02/01/2023, 10:53am PST
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