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Draknek & Friends puzzle games, ranked. by pinback 03/18/2023, 2:28pm PDT
These are all on sale right now, and represent some of the best puzzle games in existence, so if you like puzzle games, hop on board.

A couple of these I have less than an hour in, but I still agree with myself.

#5: Sokobond - Standard Sokoban, but with the clever conceit that you're trying to put together molecules. Once you do, you get a little pop-up explaining the molecule you made and possibly an interesting factoid about it. I won't go back to this much, but if you absolutely must play a Sokoban with a twist, you can do worse.

#4: A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build: Another clever Sokoban-like where your job is to roll snowballs in such a fashion you can stack the small one on top of the medium one on top of the large one. The first (I think) appearance of the monster from Monster's Expedition, but so far I found the UI to be clunkier and the overall experience less compelling than the remaining entries on this list.

#3: A Monster's Expedition: Now we're talking. The same monster from above, but in an open-world extravaganza of wood-pushing wonder, plus jokes. The jokes are very good. I laughed out loud at a few of them, and I'm only a couple hours in. Puzzles are plentiful but bite-sized, encouraging exploration. The first of the games on this list approaching artistry.

#2: Cosmic Express: Oh man do I love Cosmic Express. Draw a train in such a way that all the goofy aliens get where they want to be. Without the cute aliens, this would be less than it is, but style points count, and this one has them to spare.

#1: Bonfire Peaks: Enough said. Without question the greatest box-pushing puzzle game of all time, and if you hate Jon Blow (and thought Portal 2 telegraphed the solutions too much), then arguably the greatest puzzle game of all time.

They are cheap enough right now that if you like puzzles, there's no reason not to just grab them all up now so you will have plenty of puzzles with which to while away the remainder of your pathetic existence.

Their site indicates they are also publishing Patrick's Paradox on consoles, so if that counts, then I'd put that at #4. But really, you can't go wrong with any of these games.

Draknek & Friends puzzle games, ranked. by pinback 03/18/2023, 2:28pm PDT NEW
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