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D&D Movie by CattleHumper 03/20/2023, 2:04pm PDT
My wife got REALLY into dungeons and dragons over the pandemic (to the point that we're playing together in TWO weekly games even 2+ years later) so when they announced a sneak peak of the new movie we HAD to go...

It's good! Better than I expected, really. This is an enjoyable fantasy setting and characters than happen to be D&D-based classes and races are fun to follow (and automatically excused for being archetypes, because of course they are).

You're not going to get high-fantasy thrills, but that's not why we play D&D anyway. If you're interested I'd recommend checking it out. If you don't like it, oh well.
D&D Movie by CattleHumper 03/20/2023, 2:04pm PDT NEW
    Very well. I'll schedule a showing. NT by Judge Barry 03/20/2023, 3:43pm PDT NEW
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