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20 Minutes Till Dawn by <----- vampire 03/27/2023, 1:21am PDT
Proving once again that low detail graphics can work with good animation. Contrast to Vampire Survivor's ugly pixels with fewer frames of animation than the original Castlevania.

Movement is faster. Dodging bullets and charging bosses is a big part. You get guns with clips and reloading so it feels most like Crimsonlands out of all them.

I forgot to mention another thing that sucks shit about shitty Vampire Survivors: the treasure chests. Mini-bosses will drop treasure chests with huge powerups. Yet I dread picking them up because they waste your time with pointlessly long slot machine animations. On top of that, they reduce runs to even more of an RNG fest than the rest. Randomly hitting the jackpot breaks the run.

Anyway, the chests in 20 Minutes Till Dawn are great. No animation to waste your time. No game-breaking random chance jackpots.

Get 20 Minutes Till Dawn if you want the game to be most like Crimsonlands.
The following games are all better than Vampire Survivors by <----- vampire 03/27/2023, 12:57am PDT NEW
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