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Glory and Miserable Survivors by <----- vampire 03/27/2023, 1:37am PDT
How shitty is shitfest Vampire Survivors when even the Chinese porn knockoffs are superior?

Choose from a roster of heroines. Survive 20 waves or they'll get gang raped. You get a creampie counter at the end!

Pushing past the porn, the game is surprisingly solid. It's the fastest game of the bunch, with an invincibility dash. The characters are more varied than Vampire Shits.

Unfortunately, the treasure chest animations are here too. They are the exact same animation, in a brazen ripoff. The run also breaks if you hit a chest jackpot, to the point where you can beat the whole thing AFK.

The biggest shakeup is the deployable buildings. Along with weapons, you can drop a building on the map for an effect. Some are passive. Some are damage. Some are CC. Create your own chokepoints and kill zones. It's a tad more tower defense in that regard. The objective is even to prevent enemies from reaching the other side, not straight up survival.

If you want to cum, or have a smidge of tower defense in the game, then get Glory and Miserable Survivors.
The following games are all better than Vampire Survivors by <----- vampire 03/27/2023, 12:57am PDT NEW
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