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is this on Steam? by Mysterio 05/27/2023, 7:04pm PDT
Playing MyHouse.WAD by blackwater 05/25/2023, 11:37pm PDT NEW
    SPOILER by everybody's gay!! 05/26/2023, 1:05pm PDT NEW
        is this on Steam? NT by Mysterio 05/27/2023, 7:04pm PDT NEW
    I can't leave the house after getting the blue key. NT by Am I dumb? 05/28/2023, 6:13am PDT NEW
        Did you try‚Ķ by blackwater 05/28/2023, 10:37am PDT NEW
            I get it now. I'm okay doing this with a walkthrough. NT by Very cool, though. 05/29/2023, 10:56am PDT NEW
            Why would you create all that content and make it so hard to see? by Very cool, though. 05/29/2023, 3:41pm PDT NEW
                The author was part of a DOOM modding community by blackwater 06/01/2023, 3:41pm PDT NEW
                    Just saw a video about that by usenetuser 06/01/2023, 9:40pm PDT NEW
                        The internet still had that "new car smell" in 2003 by blackwater 06/02/2023, 1:44pm PDT NEW
                            2003 was plenty warning to know that wouldn't work by usenetuser 06/03/2023, 2:14am PDT NEW
    MyHouse.WAD is the best backrooms game yet & it's not about the backrooms by blackwater 05/30/2023, 12:05pm PDT NEW
        I probably agree with you, but I stand by my complaint. NT by Very cool, though. 06/01/2023, 9:26am PDT NEW
    Re: Playing MyHouse.WAD by John Romero 06/18/2023, 6:17pm PDT NEW
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