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Re: 1.55 is a MASSIVE update by laudablepuss 06/05/2023, 9:04am PDT
Ice Cream Jonsey wrote:

I used to play Civ 2 over and over and over again - does GC game have that same sort of appeal? (I have never played it.) Is it more "play a long campaign and restart" as opposed to one ongoing campaign?

Not sure how to answer this. I played Civ 3, and before that alpha centauri, with its game crippling end-game bugs, and Sid Meier has a unique game design style I guess you could say. I personally am not a fan. But lots of people are and have played the Civ series to death. For me, I have over 1600 hours on gal civ 3 and I'm sure I put in at least that much on gal civ 2.

I think both gc2 and 3 had campaigns. GC4: Supernova does not have one currently. I never played em though. And I honestly can't give a crap about the Gal Civ lore or built-in races. They're fine, I always create custom ones, which was a huge selling point.

Another big selling point for me on gc2 was designing my own ships. Not just what goofy engine parts or guns, but how they looked. Also when I decided I needed an interceptor, and I had enough miniaturization tech, I could put more engines on a pea-shooter fighter and have it zoom over to take out unguarded invasion ships. Or my SWACS ships that for some unknown reason stardock absolutely hates. Or my actual battle cruiser designs, because that has an actual meaning and not "a cruiser that fights in battles" or whatever. (Basically make it faster and sacrifice defenses, but keep the weapons top notch. In real life, they have battleship guns and are faster -- but with thin armor -- and can kill cruisers because they have better guns and comparable speed.) Anyway, this sort of thing was fantastic to me.

Also Brad tries to make his AI "fight fair" and not rely on massive resource bonuses or magic all-seeing eye ability to compete with the player. Whether he succeeds there is debatable but I like the design philosophy. (AI opponents do get resource bonuses past "normal" difficulty.)
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