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Re: lol by laudablepuss 09/25/2023, 12:43am PDT
laudablepuss wrote:

Maybe look at how these bones were dated

To be specific, scientists aren't dumb and actually never rely on one single dating method if they can help it. And they are well aware of the need to investigate sources of error. It's practically the job description.
oh boy syphilis by laudablepuss 09/23/2023, 5:32pm PDT NEW
    I misremembered the conclusion, so take a watch if you want to know NT by laudablepuss 09/23/2023, 8:18pm PDT NEW
        I would not enjoy the disease. by Mechapaw 09/23/2023, 8:45pm PDT NEW
            I think it's straightforwardly cured by antibiotics now...? NT by Fullofkittens 09/24/2023, 12:21pm PDT NEW
    It's a silly article by blackwater 09/24/2023, 10:04pm PDT NEW
        lol by laudablepuss 09/24/2023, 10:52pm PDT NEW
            Re: lol by laudablepuss 09/25/2023, 12:43am PDT NEW
                if you're interested in this by blackwater 09/28/2023, 3:05pm PDT NEW
                    Can you string two or more sentences together? by laudablepuss 09/28/2023, 8:02pm PDT NEW
                    Or let's try this: do you think there's an axe to grind here? NT by laudablepuss 09/28/2023, 8:13pm PDT NEW
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