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Redfall by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/27/2023, 11:06pm PST
Redfall was priced at $70 when it was released, this is an outrage and we're not going to take it. I'm just kidding for the most part, you could find yourself accumulating that many fees if you take someone out to supper downtown where I live. I want to say that Nintendo wanted $70 for Wave Race 64 and Mario 64 but they made sure that it was the very best that they could release at that price point. Redfall has reviews of "Outrageously Negative" on Steam, and for the autumn sale, it was discounted to $18. I bought it.

Redfall is supposed to be a 4 player co-op game, but there is a single player mode and that is what I am doing. There is tearing on the screen as I move my gal around. I don't know if that is because my processor is starting to get up there. You start out on a ferry and it very much reminded me of Dead Island: Riptide, which starts you out on a boat with zombies. There is an opening cinematic and then a cinematic using in-game resources and then you can play. You get to see a few vampires in the second cinematic.

The vampires killed all the people on the ferry except for you. FERRY NICE. So you run around and collect health and guns and ammo. It was lost on me that there was a "melee attack" so I wasted 15 minutes running around the boat trying to figure out how to get off it, when really, the answer was to smash the glass. I don't know if that one was on me or not, not knowing about the melee key, which is F.

There's no quicksave, so I was about to give up but once I got off the ferry, my player says, "What did they do to the sun?" which is a GREAT line. And sure enough, I look up and around in the sky and locate the sun and yes, the vampire have screwed with it! That was a really cool moment. If games are awesome when they have cool moments, well, that is one and I give the game credit for that.

I am then told that I can try to shoot some vampires that are out or sneak by them. I think I will try sneaking by them. They are pretty far away. But I am in pain and it is midnight so I had to stop playing. It said that it is going to save after my last objective that I completed. I don't know what that is. I am not shown a screenshot or anything so I know where it thinks it last saved my progress. That is a lot of work, they put a lot of work to not just be normal.

I am only 38 minutes into it. It's ok so far. The graphics are not mindblowing, I haven't had combat yet, I felt dumb in one part for not knowing all of the controls and sometimes it lets you hit ESC to close a screen and sometimes you have to hold it down until a square fills up. This is not an overwhelmingly negative game in my book. It's fine.

Redfall by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/27/2023, 11:06pm PST NEW
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