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Fucking entitled joke thieves. by MM 04/16/2024, 5:00pm PDT
I remember hearing that Patrice O'Neal's attitude toward joke thieves was, "They need it more than me."
I require all of the site data, as I shall launch a clone site. by John Dilks 04/16/2024, 4:34pm PDT NEW
    Fucking entitled joke thieves. by MM 04/16/2024, 5:00pm PDT NEW
        You rang? by K. Thor Jensen 04/16/2024, 5:24pm PDT NEW
            I'll retract the last post. Never followed K.Thor outside his OMM forum posts. NT by MM 04/16/2024, 5:26pm PDT NEW
                I hope Kthor, Jon Hendren, and all the other losers who tried to avoid getting a NT by real job die horrible deaths 04/17/2024, 8:04am PDT NEW
                    Does anyone still remember K. Thor and the other "funny twitter" losers? by blackwater 04/17/2024, 8:48pm PDT NEW
                        A corporate cocksucker like blackwater disliking Kthor: funniest shit possible by hahaha 04/18/2024, 6:06am PDT NEW
                            Yeah wtf is going on here NT by laudablepuss 04/18/2024, 9:01am PDT NEW
                    Jeez relax by KThor ator 04/17/2024, 10:36pm PDT NEW
                        Never heard of Forever Amber by blackwater 04/18/2024, 8:53am PDT NEW
            He is a "joke thief"? What? NT by Huh>? 04/18/2024, 8:55am PDT NEW
                He isn't NT by I Hate Epic 04/18/2024, 9:29am PDT NEW
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