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and the voice acting by ghosted 05/25/2024, 10:47pm PDT
Can't wait until she takes the helmet off. I can't tell if it's an artistic choice or not, but for some reason the dude's voice comes in crystal clear over the radio, but the chick's voice comes in muffled like we're outside the helmet instead actually being her.

It's almost Godard like, but it's forcing me to turn the subtitles on and I normally hate those. Especially for immersive games.
Playing Echo now by blackwater 04/11/2024, 11:49pm PDT NEW
    Oh yeah, probably the only "Art Game" I actually love... by Mischief Maker 04/12/2024, 5:40am PDT NEW
        Just beat the game. by blackwater 04/12/2024, 9:45pm PDT NEW
    Whoa missed this. Thanks blackwater NT by Geryk 04/12/2024, 7:04am PDT NEW
    Just started this by ghosted 05/24/2024, 9:44pm PDT NEW
        I think Quixel Megascans is probably contributing the most to this effect. by The God Emperor. 05/25/2024, 4:29am PDT NEW
        The story so far by ghosted 05/25/2024, 10:45pm PDT NEW
            and the voice acting by ghosted 05/25/2024, 10:47pm PDT NEW
            Yes, London is the ship's AI. NT by MM 05/26/2024, 6:53am PDT NEW
        Yeah, they did a lot with a small amount of art assets NT by blackwater 06/03/2024, 9:42am PDT NEW
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