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Mech Engineer by pinback 05/26/2024, 8:04pm PDT

A Microprose (!) game which appears to draw inspiration from X-COM, Starship Troopers, and if you dump the entire contents of a very complex boardgame out of the box, but burn the instruction manual.

90% of the forum discussions are people saying "damn kids these days need their hand held for everything", and adults responding "yeah but this game's UI is terrible and intentionally obscure, and the manual is nonexistent, and you will spend the first few hours guessing what everything does and why you should click on any of it.

It oozes old-school cool, and if you're okay with games where figuring the game out IS part of the game, well, you'll be in Inscrutable Heaven.

I meant to go to bed but instead bought this game and spent an hour clicking on stuff that I didn't know what it was. And yet... I feel compelled to click on more things I don't understand!
Mech Engineer by pinback 05/26/2024, 8:04pm PDT NEW
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