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You want cringe, Danny? Here's a typical pinball group on Facebook by Mysterio 05/27/2024, 10:15am PDT
If you’re not in the US PNW/Western Canada or a days drive away you’re not getting in. If you’re in Pittsburgh you are likely only looking to buy. Move along and let us keep our games in the region. :)
- PINBALL machines and parts for sale/trade/wanted only.
- NO Generic Want to Buy posts. Be specific. Game title(s)
- NO auction postings. Name your price or trades wanted.
- NO repeat, spam posts. Post once, update, lower price as needed.
- NO PRICE POLICE! If you don't like the price you see, nobody cares.
- NO "Hey look at this stupid seller on Craigslist trying to sell their stupid game for a stupid price. They're so stupid!" posts. We're all checking cl, don't need to see lame ads twice.
- NO advertising, promotion. There are other venues for your location, show, weekly tournament info, pinsitting service.
- Pinball parts and machines for sale/wanted only. Nobody wants your 12 yr old jet ski, magazine collection, guns (well, i might), or other non-pinball related stuff. Admin can be bribed with LPs.
- No general conversation posts because who wants to navigate a bunch of chatter when looking for that awesome deal in walla walla... discussion in comments on classified ads ok as long as it follows rules above. Just dying to talk shop? Go to pinside, other fb groups, IRC, usenet, etc.
Posts that break a rule above will be removed with no explanation/warning. I don't get paid to coddle your feelings.
Repeat offenders will be removed/banned. I've only had to ban a few folks. Please play nice.
Sometimes you really need a part and don't want to wait for days to have it shipped. Craig's list has gotten out of hand for machines. Pinside is a shtshow, Mr. Pinball doesn't allow pics, RGP is a sausage fest thanks to the hot dog guy.
You're already wasting time on FB anyway, why not waste it looking at pinball stuff on FB.
Collin rule: please update your post with SOLD once game/part is no longer available.
The dumb shit-eating nerds DDoSing Internet Archive is cringe as fuck NT by Danny The No-Refund Gamer 05/27/2024, 10:09am PDT NEW
    You want cringe, Danny? Here's a typical pinball group on Facebook by Mysterio 05/27/2024, 10:15am PDT NEW
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