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Non-fiction I will definitely tablet but if you don't have a book of fiction by read or unread then you are boring 06/14/2024, 8:24am PDT
I hate to go all High Fidelity "Top Five Records" but c'mon, at least have SOMETHING, even if it's Captain Underpants.
Intentionally provocative Hot Takes thread NT by Mischief Maker 03/21/2021, 9:22am PDT NEW
    Re: Intentionally provocative Hot Takes thread by Mischief Maker 03/21/2021, 9:25am PDT NEW
        I guess we'll find out if they ever make a movie that's just like Aliens NT by but without the themes. 03/21/2021, 9:43am PDT NEW
        That's true... ish. by Blackwater 03/21/2021, 10:02pm PDT NEW
            Re: That's true... ish. by E. L. Koba 03/22/2021, 5:22pm PDT NEW
        I see your point, but consider this... by Olive Kalamata 03/23/2021, 7:09am PDT NEW
    Steak is overrated. NT by Mysterio 03/21/2021, 11:17pm PDT NEW
        people who get angry at others for ordering well done should be put to death NT by fuck off, foodies 03/22/2021, 10:45am PDT NEW
            Burn in the same hellfire that wrought your carbon steak by Entropy Stew 04/19/2021, 10:39pm PDT NEW
                Agreed. Well done steak guy somehow finding this place is weird. NT by Ichabod 04/20/2021, 7:42am PDT NEW
                    And yet he's 100% right so NT by laudablepuss 04/20/2021, 8:50am PDT NEW
                        It's like watching a woman get punched in the teeth by her boyfriend by Entropy Stew 04/20/2021, 12:00pm PDT NEW
                            Peter Davison doesn't care how you eat him, he's just glad you're interested. by laudablepuss 04/20/2021, 2:10pm PDT NEW
                of course the most disgreeable guy on Caltrops would be enraged by of course 04/20/2021, 4:40pm PDT NEW
                    A room you're in doesn't count as occupied, bud NT by Entropy Stew 04/21/2021, 3:14am PDT NEW
                What is your reaction to people eating jerky? NT by omgwtfbbq?!!! 05/20/2021, 4:37pm PDT NEW
                    "Oh, you think raw beef should be cooked competently? Well what about PRESERVED NT by MEAT?! Ho ho I am a logic colossus" 05/27/2024, 6:55am PDT NEW
                        ES wanting jerky to be well prepared would make you crazy I'm sure by Mysterio 05/27/2024, 7:01pm PDT NEW
                            Cooked competently = rare. Maybe medium rare if you're eyeballing it NT by Mysterio 05/28/2024, 11:53am PDT NEW
                                Lol I love steak cultists NT by laudablepuss 05/28/2024, 12:18pm PDT NEW
    Bill Hicks wasn't funny NT by Rafiki 03/22/2021, 6:33pm PDT NEW
        I agree with this :( NT by laudablepuss 03/22/2021, 6:43pm PDT NEW
        Patrice O'Neal was funnier than Pryor, Murphey, AND Carlin by James "Stephanie" Sterling 03/23/2021, 11:53am PDT NEW
            Re: Patrice O'Neal was funnier than Pryor, Murphey, AND Carlin by laudablepuss 03/23/2021, 12:43pm PDT NEW
        If Bill Hicks wasn't funny, what the fuck was Denis Leary? NT by Droz 03/28/2021, 12:23pm PDT NEW
            mostly louder NT by laudablepuss 03/29/2021, 1:18pm PDT NEW
        yes he was NT by Berg 04/24/2024, 5:14pm PDT NEW
    Windows Vista was a huge improvement over XP NT by laudablepuss 03/23/2021, 10:58am PDT NEW
    Ducktales NES was only good comparative to other licensed games NT by LJN garbage 03/23/2021, 11:24am PDT NEW
    Daydream Nation is overrated by Rafiki 03/27/2021, 11:51am PDT NEW
    Zelda and Mario games are boring and trite. NT by Mysterio 03/29/2021, 2:04am PDT NEW
        Even SMB? NT by Horus Truthteller 03/29/2021, 11:46am PDT NEW
            Thought so. Shaddap about Mario. NT by Horus Truthteller 04/20/2021, 9:10pm PDT NEW
        Adventure of Link was the best Zelda game. NT by Fuck BotW and its SS2 weapon breaks 04/20/2021, 10:26pm PDT NEW
    Open World games are just mediocre action games with a commute between levels. NT by MM 04/19/2021, 3:19pm PDT NEW
        All Metroidvanias would be better off as tightly designed linear levels by git gud Souls 04/21/2021, 1:05pm PDT NEW
            True, the best Castlevanias are the linear ones. NT by MM 04/21/2021, 11:35pm PDT NEW
                Caltrops triggers ES: the thread NT by Entropy Stew 04/22/2021, 12:21am PDT NEW
                I agree by cant tell if you're sarcastic thoug 04/22/2021, 1:28pm PDT NEW
        I think Breath of the Wild actually got this right by Rafiki 04/23/2021, 12:00am PDT NEW
    The problem with 40k is all the non-imperals 'r boring Saturday cartoon villains NT by Mischief Limited Character Count 04/19/2021, 5:32pm PDT NEW
    Boss fights are terrible and shouldn't be in most games NT by E. L. Koba 04/22/2021, 2:46pm PDT NEW
        First no prayer in school, now no life lessons of any kind by Vested Id 04/22/2021, 4:31pm PDT NEW
            Re: First no prayer in school, now no life lessons of any kind by E. L. Koba 04/23/2021, 3:00pm PDT NEW
        What about bosses that become normal enemies in later levels? NT by MM 04/23/2021, 4:38pm PDT NEW
            Acceptable! by E. L. Koba 04/25/2021, 1:38pm PDT NEW
    Office chair reviews should let you filter by weight by Rafiki 04/25/2021, 1:34pm PDT NEW
        Neither NT by Cheap ASS! 04/25/2021, 5:45pm PDT NEW
    Opera sucks dick. by Droz 04/29/2021, 7:22pm PDT NEW
        I don't like music from 200 years ago, just music from 100 years ago NT by Rock music is as dead as opera 04/30/2021, 6:34am PDT NEW
            Yeah but it's better. It rocks harder. Just like me. NT by Droz 04/30/2021, 10:50am PDT NEW
                Droz is right. Opera is stupid. NT by Kirahu Nagasawa 04/30/2021, 11:15am PDT NEW
                    What about Rock Opera? NT by Mischief Maker 04/30/2021, 11:41am PDT NEW
                        That's fine NT by Kirahu Nagasawa 04/30/2021, 1:06pm PDT NEW
        The best classical stuff is from the early period. by blackwater 05/07/2021, 1:51am PDT NEW
            Carmina Burana is 20th century and it fucking SLAPS! by Mischief Maker 05/07/2021, 6:54am PDT NEW
                Mars is down there with Flight of the Valkyries in terms of songs I never want by Droz 05/07/2021, 5:20pm PDT NEW
                    Think of your favourite science-fiction movie. by Droz 05/07/2021, 7:36pm PDT NEW
                        Fuck it I would take PIL NT by Droz 05/07/2021, 7:52pm PDT NEW
                        Worse! How are you going to convey the vast emptiness of space w/ Sex Pistols? by Mischief Maker 05/07/2021, 8:01pm PDT NEW
                            Sex Pistols: apparently strangers to emptyness? by Droz 05/07/2021, 8:15pm PDT NEW
        I've listened to more opera in the last two years than you have in you entire li by Droz 05/07/2021, 6:08pm PDT NEW
            OK, now I'm curious. Why do you listen to all these operas you hate? by blackwater 05/08/2021, 12:43am PDT NEW
                Re: OK, now I'm curious. Why do you listen to all these operas you hate? by laudablepuss 05/08/2021, 1:49am PDT NEW
                You hit the nail on the head. by Droz 05/11/2021, 9:24pm PDT NEW
    Not liking something is the 2nd most boring opinion you can have about it. by Fullofkittens 05/12/2021, 8:36am PDT NEW
        Tomorrow I'm visiting the Opera Hall of Fame, it's in that cave from The Descent NT by Droz 05/12/2021, 8:49am PDT NEW
        The most boring thing is not liking peoples' opinions of not liking things NT by soul of wit 05/12/2021, 11:14am PDT NEW
            haha! got im! by Vidinfox 05/12/2021, 2:30pm PDT NEW
                This response is worse though :gnaws apple: NT by Otis Ferguson 05/12/2021, 2:33pm PDT NEW
                    Dont try to out snark me. You wont win. NT by Vidinfox 05/12/2021, 3:23pm PDT NEW
                        Hmm "snark" :pats yawn: that one really takes me back NT by Otis Ferguson 05/12/2021, 3:29pm PDT NEW
                            Stop it. NT by Vidinfox 05/12/2021, 4:16pm PDT NEW
                            *taps thread* you can fit so many snarks in this NT by Fullofkittens 05/13/2021, 6:16am PDT NEW
                I don't like this reply NT by Are you on the edge of your seat ye 05/12/2021, 4:11pm PDT NEW
        hmm, seems like the hot take thread couldn't take the hot of my take take NT by Fullofkittens 05/19/2021, 10:16am PDT NEW
            Die Fledermaus sucks dick. by Droz 06/24/2021, 7:46pm PDT NEW
                I think you might be right by Roop 06/24/2021, 7:58pm PDT NEW
                why do you keep watching operas if you don't like them NT by not watching them is right there 06/25/2021, 7:00am PDT NEW
                His name in that was by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/25/2021, 8:43pm PDT NEW
    Simulator games where you pay for your own repairs and supplies were never fun. by Mischief Maker 06/01/2021, 9:52am PDT NEW
    Me, MM, and ICJ are the only decent posters on this website. NT by pinback 06/08/2021, 2:37pm PDT NEW
        Just insanely untrue (ICJ excepted) by Otis Ferguson 06/08/2021, 3:11pm PDT NEW
        90% of pinback caltrops content is whining about steam reviews and caltrops NT by respect Jerry and Rafiki, you SHIT 06/08/2021, 4:45pm PDT NEW
            The former is untrue and the latter is impossible. NT by pinback 06/08/2021, 7:00pm PDT NEW
        Hey that reminds me by laudablepuss 06/08/2021, 8:42pm PDT NEW
            You are upset by my intentionally provocative hot take. NT by pinback 06/08/2021, 8:54pm PDT NEW
                Sure by laudablepuss 06/08/2021, 9:41pm PDT NEW
                    Re: Sure by Tim Sweeney 06/08/2021, 11:08pm PDT NEW
                spicy thread but then you played the “it’s just a hot take” card by blackwater 06/24/2021, 9:24pm PDT NEW
        But who does the best gaming streams? by Roop 06/08/2021, 8:54pm PDT NEW
        Nah, my posts suck. NT by MM 06/08/2021, 10:02pm PDT NEW
    The Lord of the Rings was an allegory for the failure of communism. by Droz 06/13/2021, 9:31pm PDT NEW
        Re: The Lord of the Rings was an allegory for the failure of communism. by laudablepuss 06/14/2021, 7:23am PDT NEW
        Ouch, terrible take by blackwater 06/28/2021, 1:50pm PDT NEW
    LOST is a good show from beginning to end. by Fullofkittens 06/14/2021, 11:33am PDT NEW
        Re: LOST is a good show from beginning to end. by ;= 06/14/2021, 11:49am PDT NEW
    Anyone that uses the phrase "my students" by I Hate Epic 06/24/2021, 6:34am PDT NEW
    Schitt's Creek wasn't a "gay show" until it got popular. NT by pinback 06/25/2021, 11:30am PDT NEW
        I'm a gay show when I got big NT by Tim Sweeney 06/25/2021, 8:44pm PDT NEW
    Card-mediated RPGs are superior to dice-mediated ones. Especially on computer. NT by Mischief Maker 06/28/2021, 12:02pm PDT NEW
        examples? NT by laudablepuss 06/28/2021, 1:16pm PDT NEW
            Slay the Spire, Tainted Grail, The Magister, Thea, hell even Steamworld Quest. NT by MM 01/12/2022, 10:54pm PST NEW
        How is that possible? NT by Kirahu Nagasawa 06/29/2021, 8:23am PDT NEW
    I think we should have another Iraq war, but this time we should win. NT by Jerry Whorebach 01/12/2022, 8:44pm PST NEW
        I won that wR by Cliff Jumper 01/13/2022, 10:27pm PST NEW
    Bitcoins were a smart investment. NT by Jerry Whorebach 01/12/2022, 8:51pm PST NEW
        Now is a great time to buy the dip NT by Rafiki 06/18/2022, 1:14pm PDT NEW
    Everyone needs to get COVID-19 sooner or later, might as well get it over with. NT by Jerry Whorebach 01/12/2022, 8:51pm PST NEW
        This is, unfortunately, the mainstream orthodox take now. NT by Fullofkittens 01/13/2022, 6:30am PST NEW
            It didn't have to be this way by E. L. Koba 01/13/2022, 2:16pm PST NEW
                Actually, it did have to be this way. by blackwater 01/15/2022, 8:49pm PST NEW
                    Every single sentence here was dumber than the last. God you're a stupid NT by fucking moron 02/20/2024, 11:21am PST NEW
        We should be spraying COVID out of firehoses onto the streets by fuck anti-vaxxers 01/14/2022, 4:47am PST NEW
            Except vaccinated people can still get long covid. :( by Fullofkittens 01/14/2022, 6:04am PST NEW
            Fun Fact: Joe Rogan's alt-medicine store Onnit sold for $100 million last May. by Mischief Maker 01/14/2022, 6:44am PST NEW
                Re: Fun Fact: Joe Rogan's alt-medicine store Onnit sold for $100 million las by GoblAm 01/14/2022, 11:07am PST NEW
                    Shareblue is apparently putting Joe Rogan on blast now, FYI. by blackwater 01/15/2022, 8:54pm PST NEW
                        The problem with Rogan is he's liberal, never voted for a Republican president by Roop 01/16/2022, 11:18am PST NEW
                            Ivermectin is a de-wormer. Covid-19 is not a worm. by MM 01/16/2022, 1:26pm PST NEW
                                Who cares what he takes. The vaccines aren't stopping Omicron anyway. by GoblAm 01/16/2022, 2:47pm PST NEW
                                    Re: Who cares what he takes. The vaccines aren't stopping Omicron anyway. by lololoololol 01/16/2022, 6:47pm PST NEW
                                        Hi Jhoh NT by GoblAm 01/16/2022, 10:09pm PST NEW
                                Do not take what your doctor prescribes by Roop 01/16/2022, 4:36pm PST NEW
                                    Roop the dumb rube by lololoololol 01/16/2022, 6:48pm PST NEW
                                I suppose next you'll be mocking urine NT by chugging piss to own the libs 01/16/2022, 6:41pm PST NEW
                                    Nah, I'm skipping straight to them taking T-blockers as the new miracle cure! NT by Trans-ing myself to own the libs. 01/16/2022, 7:25pm PST NEW
    Shadow of the Colossus on a struggling PS2 looked way cooler than the HD remakes NT by Mischief Maker 02/16/2022, 7:45pm PST NEW
    "Bro" and "babe" are not gendered insults. by Super Mario 02/20/2022, 2:42pm PST NEW
    The Holocaust probably did happen, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. NT by Final word on the subject. 03/19/2022, 7:11pm PDT NEW
    The prejudice against gluten requires an entire generation who have never baked NT by their own bread. 03/20/2022, 1:51pm PDT NEW
        based NT by blackwater 03/21/2022, 10:11pm PDT NEW
    "You realize there's porn on the internet?" people are tedious faggots by truth 04/13/2022, 9:59am PDT NEW
    All Unity games are starting to look and play the same. by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/24/2022, 7:32am PDT NEW
        Time for layoffs then by blackwater 06/29/2022, 8:40pm PDT NEW
    fabio couldn't handle the heat here so he left. by THE FART MASTER 06/24/2022, 8:57pm PDT NEW
        'Sup fahbs NT by Mysterio 06/25/2022, 6:04pm PDT NEW
            Re: 'Sup fahbs by THE FART MASTER 06/25/2022, 6:45pm PDT NEW
    The Midjourney and Dall-E shit is so masturbatory by Patrick Johnson 06/27/2022, 6:39am PDT NEW
        This take was ahead of its time. NT by Fullofkittens 02/22/2023, 6:02am PST NEW
    Like it or not, you are bisexual. by Happy Pride Month 06/27/2022, 8:27am PDT NEW
        Re: Like it or not, you are bisexual. by KC Louie 06/27/2022, 8:30am PDT NEW
            There needs to be a word for people who are only into AFABs or AMABs. by Happy Pride Month 06/27/2022, 9:58am PDT NEW
                No offense but that sounds like some fucking commie gobbledygook by KC Louie 06/27/2022, 10:10am PDT NEW
                    We get more parades than a Vietnam vet, and all we gotta do is be willing to by fuck a girl in a tuxedo. 06/27/2022, 11:13am PDT NEW
        Re: Like it or not, you are bisexual. by Gaige Grosskreutz 06/27/2022, 8:37am PDT NEW
        I feel like we should have months for the other deadly sins by blackwater 06/27/2022, 3:42pm PDT NEW
            More Peterson memes! by Mischief Maker 06/27/2022, 5:33pm PDT NEW
    Conservatives should be upset about the repeal of Roe V Wade because they evil by Roop 06/27/2022, 9:05pm PDT NEW
        aw look how smug and happy he is. It's adorable! NT by laudablepuss 06/27/2022, 10:01pm PDT NEW
            But I'm pro-choice by Roop 06/27/2022, 11:19pm PDT NEW
        You realize that Medi-Cal exists and covers illegal immigrants? by blackwater 06/27/2022, 10:17pm PDT NEW
            Keep breaking those ceilings blackwater! NT by Roop 06/27/2022, 11:20pm PDT NEW
                You're not... being especially coherent here by blackwater 06/28/2022, 10:47pm PDT NEW
                    This post made me think of tdarcos for some reason by apropos of nuthin i'm sure 06/29/2022, 12:32am PDT NEW
                        Re: This post made me think of tdarcos for some reason by Mysteriobama 06/30/2022, 6:49pm PDT NEW
                    I say free abortions for the illegal foreigners as well as the normal foreigners NT by Roop 06/29/2022, 5:21am PDT NEW
        You can't fault this take for not being hot. NT by i_hate_goons.vbs 06/30/2022, 9:02am PDT NEW
            Someone starts a hot take thread, you cant be mad when the takes are hot NT by Yaris 06/30/2022, 9:47am PDT NEW
        Re: Conservatives should be upset about the repeal of Roe V Wade because they by Mysterio 07/02/2022, 7:43pm PDT NEW
            Re: Conservatives should be upset about the repeal of Roe V Wade because they by Roop 07/02/2022, 8:38pm PDT NEW
                LOL. So it took less than a week for the greasy edgelord pushing 50 to break NT by character 07/03/2022, 4:03pm PDT NEW
                    You changed my mind about the sanctity of life NT by Roop 07/04/2022, 12:19am PDT NEW
            Re: Conservatives should be upset about the repeal of Roe V Wade because they by lenin's linens 07/03/2022, 2:53am PDT NEW
        There's a bunch of states working on making it illegal to cross state lines to NT by do this kind of thing-Fullofkittens 07/03/2022, 2:52pm PDT NEW
    COVID-19 vaccines were developed using cell lines derived from aborted children NT by Clarence Thomas 06/30/2022, 8:56pm PDT NEW
        Hot take NT by or fake quote??? 06/30/2022, 10:51pm PDT NEW
    Webshits that say "shareholder value" only do so because they think people won't by argue with them 07/01/2022, 11:50am PDT NEW
    Pink telling fascists to not listen to her music is so brave, so daring by Mysterio 07/04/2022, 10:56am PDT NEW
    "Beyond Meat" jerky is better than any major meat-based jerky on the market. NT by And I ain't no faggy vegetarian 08/21/2022, 10:35am PDT NEW
        This was in the wrong thread. NT by WRONG THREAD FAIRY 08/21/2022, 12:23pm PDT NEW
            No it wasn't. Man this BBS software bites it. NT by And I ain't no faggy vegetarian 08/21/2022, 1:29pm PDT NEW
        Re: "Beyond Meat" jerky is better than any major meat-based jerky on the market. by Mysteriobama 08/21/2022, 6:24pm PDT NEW
        Sell me on it? NT by John Smith, Wise Man 08/21/2022, 8:37pm PDT NEW
            Okay. by And I ain't no faggy vegetarian 08/22/2022, 6:16am PDT NEW
                I am ;) NT by Dr. Oz 11/05/2022, 5:51pm PDT NEW
        This is some tasty jerky by Rafiki 11/05/2022, 11:40am PDT NEW
    All jocks are mildly autistic. Oh I'll just do this exercise and play over and o NT by ver again 11/05/2022, 5:34pm PDT NEW
    Call me old fashioned, but in my mind ATM still stands for "ass to mouth." NT by Injustice 02/10/2023, 11:06am PST NEW
    Speed Racer 2008 is objectively superior to 300 in every way. by Mischief Maker 02/21/2023, 8:18am PST NEW
        Speed Racer was Pretty er NT by Ms. Chief Maker 02/21/2023, 10:07am PST NEW
            Maker-Outer NT by FUCK 02/21/2023, 10:13am PST NEW
            PLEASE try to make the argument that 300 was a cerebral film! NT by Mischief Maker 02/21/2023, 10:34am PST NEW
                Re: PLEASE try to make the argument that 300 was a cerebral film! by laudablepuss 02/21/2023, 11:18am PST NEW
                It is a historical film, and history lives in the brain by B, it wasn't gay at all, 02/21/2023, 11:30am PST NEW
        Look, you can just say you don't like 300. by blackwater 03/08/2023, 2:04pm PST NEW
    Yoga is for lazy people who want to pass off napping as exercise NT by stretching is not a workout 03/13/2023, 2:19am PDT NEW
        I thought it was to trick chicks into wearing those pants by telling them it's NT by "spiritual". 03/13/2023, 4:25am PDT NEW
            That is the only reason men do it, yes NT by Women? Laziness as spirituality 03/13/2023, 4:49am PDT NEW
        Hot take, but I agree with it. Mmmm yoga pants NT by Dr. Foughtrough 03/13/2023, 9:25am PDT NEW
    Pansexuals deserve credit for beating bisexuals at their own game. NT by Injustice 04/03/2023, 12:12pm PDT NEW
    500 Miles by Droz 06/25/2023, 3:48pm PDT NEW
        Also less The Shining creep effect NT by I Hate Epic 06/25/2023, 5:02pm PDT NEW
    Henry Fonda was wrong in 12 Angry Men NT by beyond REASONABLE doubt 07/06/2023, 11:28am PDT NEW
    I'm all for marijuana legalization but wow does it make cities SMELL LIKE SHIT by Fuck off stoners 07/10/2023, 12:17pm PDT NEW
        This is a great point. by pinback 07/10/2023, 2:22pm PDT NEW
    Abortions should be legal on the basis of Stand Your Ground laws NT by George Zimmerfetus 07/12/2023, 1:29pm PDT NEW
        Only if we give them babies firearms jammed straight up a woman's CUNT NT by to make things fair 11/05/2023, 12:00pm PST NEW
    Charisma should be the divine casting stat. by Dream Cast 08/03/2023, 6:03pm PDT NEW
        Wisdom being a stat in a game people learn in their teen years was odd NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 08/03/2023, 9:04pm PDT NEW
        they're literally called "wandering charismatics" by laudablepuss 08/04/2023, 8:24am PDT NEW
            Willpower can pick up the slack from Constitution. by Dream Cast 08/04/2023, 9:09am PDT NEW
                Re: Willpower can pick up the slack from Constitution. by laudablepuss 08/04/2023, 10:09am PDT NEW
        Re: Charisma should be the divine casting stat. by laudablepuss 08/04/2023, 8:27am PDT NEW
    "People" delivered by C-section don't deserve rights. by Injustice 09/28/2023, 10:28pm PDT NEW
        So you're pro-abortion? NT by Mischief Maker 09/28/2023, 11:04pm PDT NEW
            I think those are different procedures? by Injustice 09/29/2023, 7:36pm PDT NEW
                Re: I think those are different procedures? by Yaris 09/29/2023, 8:08pm PDT NEW
    The only great Television track is Marquee Moon. by Injustice 10/12/2023, 11:44pm PDT NEW
        Does "Blank Generation" count? by Mysterio 10/13/2023, 6:42am PDT NEW
    "Deckbuilding Roguelike"s are to Indie Games what "Call of Shooty clones" are to NT by AAA games 10/14/2023, 7:31pm PDT NEW
        This was a good post. by pinback 11/05/2023, 2:31pm PST NEW
        Re: "Deckbuilding Roguelike"s are to Indie Games what "Call of Shooty clones" by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/06/2023, 8:01am PST NEW
    Star Fox 2 was a tech demo with an unsatisfying easy gameplay loop, ran NT by like shit and deserved cancellation 11/05/2023, 11:59am PST NEW
    Tears of the Kingdom is overrated and Breath of the Wild is the better game by Rafiki 11/06/2023, 8:40pm PST NEW
    The Jeffersons was a ripoff of The Jetsons. by Injustice 11/20/2023, 11:00pm PST NEW
        Sonic 3 Ice Cap Zone was a ripoff of the Jetzons! by Mysterio 06/13/2024, 10:27am PDT NEW
    There is no such thing as a good "turn your brain off" movie by duuurrrrrrr 01/05/2024, 7:28pm PST NEW
        I don't care for the expression, either, but the sentiment is usually just by "don't get hung up on the plot." 01/05/2024, 10:01pm PST NEW
            I think Cinema Sins is just a shitty content mill that doesn't care. by MM 01/05/2024, 10:03pm PST NEW
                No they really are that proudly nitpicky and stupid by duuurrrrrrr 01/06/2024, 9:04am PST NEW
                    Re: No they really are that proudly nitpicky and stupid by Feris 01/08/2024, 1:39pm PST NEW
    I have a "hot take" about the future of humanity. by Injustice 01/05/2024, 11:12pm PST NEW
        We don't use only 10% of our brains. That's a myth spread by pseudo-scientists NT by to make psychics sound plausible. 01/06/2024, 6:58am PST NEW
            On the contrary, I disagree. NT by Injustice 01/07/2024, 8:26pm PST NEW
    Japanese is a nationality, not a race. by Injustice 01/07/2024, 8:25pm PST NEW
        For completeness: by Injustice 01/07/2024, 8:52pm PST NEW
        "There are only three races recognized by sociology" glad they settled that by Mrs. Johnson's 5th Grade Science 01/08/2024, 7:13am PST NEW
            What is this, phrenology? by Injustice 01/08/2024, 9:46am PST NEW
                "Japs colonized Japan" Jesus how far back does this grievance mongering go NT by you're making me sympathize with a 01/08/2024, 1:06pm PST NEW
                    For the Ainu and Okinawans? About 150 years. NT by Injustice 01/08/2024, 2:13pm PST NEW
                        Thank god we fixed that, now that guy you know from high school rapes their NT by 12 year olds and gets shipped home 01/09/2024, 9:25am PST NEW
                    Maybe simple facts and history aren't "for you." NT by retards everywhere 01/09/2024, 7:27am PST NEW
            What's the problem here? NT by Vested Id 01/09/2024, 10:07am PST NEW
                Same. I don't understand this. NT by Feris 01/09/2024, 11:04am PST NEW
    The solution to trannies in women's sports is to make all sports coed by Glen or Glenda Davis 01/10/2024, 8:40pm PST NEW
        Re: The solution to trannies in women's sports is to make all sports coed by Mischief Maker 01/10/2024, 10:44pm PST NEW
            She is also insufferable. by Jesus Christ 01/11/2024, 10:03am PST NEW
                No one measures in cubits anymore, old man NT by Rafiki 01/11/2024, 8:09pm PST NEW
                    ok by I watched it again 01/11/2024, 8:39pm PST NEW
            Let him have his anecdotes NT by It's fine 01/11/2024, 10:16am PST NEW
        The solution is to stop telling kids that sports are important or interesting. NT by who gives a shit who plays what gam 01/11/2024, 5:40am PST NEW
            No, dude, they really care about women's sports. It's not a cover for bigotry! by Mischief Maker 01/11/2024, 9:36am PST NEW
                Re: No, dude, they really care about women's sports. It's not a cover for bigotr by It's fine 01/11/2024, 10:26am PST NEW
                    If hearing a classmate has 2 dads makes you fantasize about sucking cock NT by you're just gay. 01/11/2024, 10:30am PST NEW
                        What year is it? NT by Checks OP, oh it's 2001 01/11/2024, 11:21am PST NEW
                I can't read can you link a 4 hour long youtube essay breaking this down NT by Mysterio 01/11/2024, 1:25pm PST NEW
                    *whisper* No. NT by Rorschach 01/11/2024, 1:29pm PST NEW
                No doubt that it is by LamerGate 01/25/2024, 12:17pm PST NEW
            Do sportsball types know they are insufferable? NT by Do you? 01/11/2024, 10:00am PST NEW
                only as insufferable as people that pretend they're on football teams NT by they're not on 01/11/2024, 11:02am PST NEW
                    I think Wisconsinites who own Packers stock have that right. NT by Mischief Maker 01/11/2024, 11:18am PST NEW
                        fair NT by they are the good ones 01/11/2024, 12:14pm PST NEW
                    Since nobody does this or has ever done this NT by your post is shit 01/11/2024, 8:39pm PST NEW
    Tolkien should not have followed up LOTR with a prequel trilogy. NT by Injustice 01/14/2024, 12:35am PST NEW
    Regular Car Reviews no longer reviews regular cars and has descended into NT by generic jalopnik crap 01/22/2024, 6:36am PST NEW
        They did a Dodge Cummins 3 weeks ago NT by regular enough for 'Murica! 01/22/2024, 6:45am PST NEW
            He's said he's sick of domestic cars and is mostly doing exotics now. by Thats fine but Doug DeMuro does too 01/22/2024, 8:09am PST NEW
        Mr Regular is funny and clever when he talks in his regular voice by he talks less and less in regular v 01/25/2024, 1:14am PST NEW
            Re: Mr Regular is funny and clever when he talks in his regular voice by regular enough for 'Murica! 01/25/2024, 7:28am PST NEW
                Think he means Roman NT by Mysterio 01/25/2024, 9:14am PST NEW
    Shin Godzilla is a better movie than Minus One but Minus One is more relatable NT by to American audiences so got nommed 01/29/2024, 7:51am PST NEW
    Each version of Dune so far has had something the other ones lack by Mysterio 02/20/2024, 10:28am PST NEW
        I agree completely. NT by Geryk 02/20/2024, 10:42am PST NEW
    Larian is an AAA RPG developer, Owlcat is an indie RPG developer NT by Tencent owns 30% for fucks sake! 03/21/2024, 8:22am PDT NEW
        Shh! Non-indie-ID'ed games with gay stuff get "Go Woke Go Broke" review-bombed. NT by Mischief Maker 03/21/2024, 3:16pm PDT NEW
        Good for Tencent. NT by Tiananmen Square 4/15/1989 03/21/2024, 4:27pm PDT NEW
    Western CRPG 'romances' are mostly just sexual harassment simulators now by Mysterio 03/28/2024, 1:08pm PDT NEW
        Counterpoint: Devs don't give a shit bout reddit/tumblr complaints. They're just NT by maximizing market demo appeal. 03/28/2024, 2:11pm PDT NEW
            I'll cede the lesser point of market appeal while retaining the greater point NT by that it makes the characters vapid 03/28/2024, 2:32pm PDT NEW
                Hard to make deep characters when everything is mediated by a d20 CHA roll. NT by Ebert was Right. 03/28/2024, 3:00pm PDT NEW
    Connery was the 4th best Bond. NT by Plenty O'Pussy 04/02/2024, 12:07am PDT NEW
    "A computer is just a rock we tricked into thinking" is the pinnacleof stupidity by Niles 04/02/2024, 7:40am PDT NEW
        By that logic, we're just a pond that also got struck by lightning. by Injustice 04/02/2024, 10:18am PDT NEW
        wat by laudablepuss 04/02/2024, 10:22am PDT NEW
            Re: wat by Niles 04/02/2024, 2:38pm PDT NEW
    Larian appointg themselves "defender of industry integrity" is going to be funny NT by when they pull a CP RED eating shit 04/06/2024, 10:18pm PDT NEW
        CP Red "eating shit"? What? by Mysterio 05/09/2024, 9:54am PDT NEW
            Projekt RED having to go out and beg forgiveness to every media outlet was all by over the internet, dude. 06/09/2024, 6:14pm PDT NEW
                ??? by Mysterio 06/09/2024, 7:53pm PDT NEW
                    "Didn't apologize to anybody" by Remember this? 06/10/2024, 10:56am PDT NEW
    Chris Avellone is a highly talented writer who desperately needs an editor to by keep him on track 04/24/2024, 7:18am PDT NEW
        They're all just retreads of me by Old crone witch from Planescape 04/24/2024, 9:34am PDT NEW
    The worst Mr. Bean is better than the best Black Adder. NT by sorry 04/27/2024, 5:07am PDT NEW
    People keep mentioning Stanislav Petrov & Vasily Arkhipov because US Air force by got fake Soviet launch alarms daily 05/04/2024, 3:22pm PDT NEW
    Interest in celebrities is evidence of a worthless mind and life by DURRR DRAKE AN AN AN AN 05/09/2024, 9:53am PDT NEW
        If you care about celebrity gossip, you just might be an NPC NT by J'eff Foxwierthie 05/14/2024, 3:03pm PDT NEW
    OpenAI is a company staffed by over dramatic children. by Mysterio 05/15/2024, 5:05am PDT NEW
        I'm quitting again for the second time in 3 months by this hysterical dickwad 05/15/2024, 5:54am PDT NEW
            You're just jealous because no one wants you to quit your job. NT by Doctors, all. 05/15/2024, 8:46am PDT NEW
                Imaging improving the WORLD every time you speak. A reverse by Black Bolt 05/15/2024, 9:36am PDT NEW
                    More of these idiots quitting over Twitter today NT by Geryk 05/15/2024, 1:19pm PDT NEW
                        The way these guys suck each others dicks is pure cringe, too by this hysterical dickwad 05/15/2024, 7:16pm PDT NEW
                Where is the original "doctors, all" post/article? NT by archivist 05/15/2024, 10:35am PDT NEW
                    I think Qt3 NT by nobody goes there 05/15/2024, 11:22am PDT NEW
                        Also Ravenholm NT by laudablepuss 05/15/2024, 12:59pm PDT NEW
    Brett Beattie is not an actor, and he sure as shit does not deserve by double billing as Gimli 05/21/2024, 8:21pm PDT NEW
    Josh Sawyer insisting on Caesar with a hard K in New Vegas shows he knows just by enough to embarrass himself 05/27/2024, 6:08am PDT NEW
        Caesar wasn't an ancient Roman, he was a man who knew just enough to be dangerou by That was his character. 05/27/2024, 9:55am PDT NEW
            Icycalm? NT by Feris 05/27/2024, 9:59am PDT NEW
            but Arcade, Sawyers self-insert gay Gary Stu also said Caesar with a hard k NT by despite knowing better 05/27/2024, 7:57pm PDT NEW
                he was saying the guy's taken name the way the guy said it by pronounced MISTER-e-Oh 05/27/2024, 8:47pm PDT NEW
                    Arcade Gannon, hater of the Legion, still respects Caesars pronouns NT by Mysterio 05/27/2024, 9:17pm PDT NEW
        I'm dead certain everyone across the breadth of the roman empire pronounced it by exactly the same 05/27/2024, 7:14pm PDT NEW
    The first program in Tron that dies in the videogames deserved it. NT by He was a Savings & Loan program. 06/06/2024, 11:43pm PDT NEW
        He went out like a real one, though. by Fullofkittens 06/07/2024, 6:18am PDT NEW
            No, not Clu, this one: by MM 06/07/2024, 6:36am PDT NEW
                Yeah that guy would have killed Flynn in a heartbeat, he got what he deserved NT by Fullofkittens 06/09/2024, 8:24am PDT NEW
                    He took over the entire Centauri Republic so maybe your threat anal by ysis is off? 06/09/2024, 8:38pm PDT NEW
                        Oh wow, that WAS Peter Jurasik. Holy shit! NT by Mysterio 06/10/2024, 11:12am PDT NEW
                            Just like an S&L mortgage program to use mass drivers on the Narn homeworld. NT by MM 06/10/2024, 11:56am PDT NEW
    People who complain that books/shelves are too expensive and they prefer Tablets NT by are just coping poor mfers 06/13/2024, 10:07am PDT NEW
        Counterpoint: not being this fucking guy by Mischief Maker 06/13/2024, 10:45am PDT NEW
            Non-fiction I will definitely tablet but if you don't have a book of fiction by read or unread then you are boring 06/14/2024, 8:24am PDT NEW
        Good thing nobody complains about that. by Geryk 06/13/2024, 11:27am PDT NEW
            ....k NT by Jeez. 06/13/2024, 6:26pm PDT NEW
                Please stay. NT by Karmaboi 06/13/2024, 8:17pm PDT NEW
                Please stay. Thank you for contributing. NT by Modberg 06/14/2024, 8:48am PDT NEW
    People who say real sex isn't like porn are just out of shape NT by fatty fatty fatty xtra cheese 06/13/2024, 4:23pm PDT NEW
        Re: People who say real sex isn't like porn are just out of shape by Geryk 06/19/2024, 5:18pm PDT NEW
            Fatty detected! NT by Deploy ham net! 06/20/2024, 1:13am PDT NEW
                    It is shrieking out of control NT by is it the lack of gravy? 06/20/2024, 12:43pm PDT NEW
                        Re: It is shrieking out of control by Mysterio 06/20/2024, 1:55pm PDT NEW
                            sorry that was me I was shit-posting and forgot to turn it back to my name NT by Geryk 06/20/2024, 1:56pm PDT NEW
                                Hark! The herald fatty sings! NT by Gravy to the newborn king 06/20/2024, 4:00pm PDT NEW
    Scan visors have been a shit feature in every game they've ever been in by Rafiki 06/18/2024, 3:04pm PDT NEW
    Trap beats are so lazy and over-used that I don't hear them anymore NT by Just white noise 06/25/2024, 7:54pm PDT NEW
        Not a hot take. A stupid post though. by Mysterio 06/26/2024, 11:21am PDT NEW
            I honestly laughed when I saw it. by Mike "US Gamer" Lindell 06/26/2024, 11:32am PDT NEW
                Can I get an invite to the Discord? NT by Respiv 06/26/2024, 12:19pm PDT NEW
                    Sent NT by Nostromo 06/26/2024, 12:24pm PDT NEW
            You wouldn't know a trap beat if you got run over by a car with an aftermarket NT by trunk subwoofer cranked to 11 06/26/2024, 12:35pm PDT NEW
    Misa ruined Deathnote NT by ^_______^ 06/28/2024, 12:21am PDT NEW
        Is that provocative? I thought everyone said that. NT by Mischief Maker 06/28/2024, 11:36am PDT NEW
    The people who are most against logins are the biggest reason for needing them NT by ^THIS 06/29/2024, 5:45pm PDT NEW
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