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Re: Katamari Damacy (short) by kthor 09/28/2004, 9:13am PDT
Things that are great about this game:

1) Everything you roll up in your little ball of junk has a name and many of the things you get are unique. People scream and yell when you stick them into your dungball. I freaked totally out when I got so big I was ripping islands out of the ocean, pulling up huge stalactites of rock with a little dab of molten lava at the bottom. There are arcs of jumping swordfish in the ocean and if you position yourself right they'll thwak! thwak! thwak! into the side of your ball like arrows. You can pick up clouds. You can pick up God, if you get big enough.

2) The ball gets bigger but your little on-screen avatar stays 1cm tall and still manages to push this enormous clot of junk around.

3) The music is ridiculous. Most of it's in Japanese but there's one smoove lounge song in English that has lyrics ABOUT THE GAME cf "I wanna roll you up into my life," etc.

4) It costs $20.

Katamari Damaci (short) by Kthor 09/26/2004, 3:03pm PDT
    Re: Katamari Damacy (short) by kthor 09/28/2004, 9:13am PDT
        Additional great points by curst 09/28/2004, 9:54am PDT
            Amusing item descriptions by FABIO 09/28/2004, 10:48am PDT
            how do you lose the game? what is the challenge? NT by Space Marine 09/28/2004, 1:32pm PDT
                You lose the game by running out of time, the challenge for you by kthor 09/28/2004, 1:55pm PDT
                    How dare I ask about loss conditions! NT by Space Marine 09/28/2004, 2:35pm PDT
                        Ask about prostitutes NT by Mysterio 09/28/2004, 11:55pm PDT
                            Talk about by Entropy Stew 09/29/2004, 10:34pm PDT
                                Pop by kthor 09/30/2004, 9:39am PDT
                                    In cars. :( NT by Creexul :( 09/30/2004, 10:41am PDT
                Re: how do you lose the game? what is the challenge? by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/30/2004, 11:27am PDT
            Re: Additional great points by FABIO 11/15/2004, 11:05pm PST
                I'm still trying to break 900 NT by Worm 11/16/2004, 11:37am PST
                    I will boldly predict that 900m is impossible, as I can't even break 880m NT by curst 11/16/2004, 12:20pm PST
                        903m NT by kthor 11/16/2004, 12:57pm PST
                            Wow this is the biggest moon ever. We'll have a party tonight. Ha-ha-ha-haha by Worm 11/16/2004, 6:56pm PST
                                That and leaving plenty of time at the end for islands, rainbows, God, etc. NT by kthor 11/17/2004, 8:33am PST
                                    god = the thunder god that's flying around? NT by FABIO 11/20/2004, 2:16pm PST
        This is a PS2 title, and not an Xbox game. by Mood: Perplexed 09/30/2004, 1:04pm PDT
   has copies even now. $20. NT by CattleHumper 10/10/2004, 11:53pm PDT
                my local EB was sold out by FABIO 10/11/2004, 12:30am PDT
                    That's why it's safer to do your shopping online. by CattleHumper 10/11/2004, 1:34am PDT
           has free shipping on it NT by Thrift Worm 10/11/2004, 10:01am PDT
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