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Re: Review request: Dungeon Siege 2 by TAFKAM 08/16/2005, 1:52pm PDT
Mysterio wrote:

Will it satisfy my RPG thirst until Oblivion comes out (hopefully this year)?

In a word, yes. Like a fool back in the day I finished the first one regardless of the fact that there was very little input and little return. I was on the treadmill and had passed the point of no return. I had spent so many hours that to not even check off the 'finished' box in my head would have been to admit that I had pissed away far too many hours for no real return.

I've now pissed away quite a few hours since Sunday on DS2. Happily everything that was broken about DS1 is fixed in my opinion. To me it feels like a hybrid of NWN and the old infinity engine games. Scouring dungeons for any possible mouseover zone that triggers a secret door a la BG / NWN? Check. Excellent 3D view but irritating fixed-view centre-of-screen orientation? Check. Graphics are great, tonnes of options, more-than-throwaway story (but common fantasy schlock)? Check. I've got my kick-ass archer main character girl, a half-giant ass-kicking tank and I grudgingly added a nature-magic cleric-type chick. She can actually hold her own with her ice spells.

In short, excellent execution of a fun game. The journal, lore, map and quest systems are excellent, the game is easy to handle and dispenses with the irritating need to travel back to town because you can throw your toss-away shit on the ground and the nature mage can cast a spell to convert it on the spot to gold - The same amount I might add that you would have got from a vendor in town. If you simply must go to town though your nature-mage can also cast a teleport spell that takes you back wherever you are.

Sound is great, too. Very reminiscent of the Icewind Stuff - Epic orchestral stuff. The sound effects are great too - When you're in a tunnel the EAX is muffled. When you're on a beach the seagulls caw away.

Finally to sum it up - More involving than the first one, lots of hidden secrets, tonnes of loot to keep you on the treadmill and a fun story. I've banked probably twenty or so hours and have just finished the first of three acts. Take a look at it. Do you sometimes see behind the curtain that you're wasting a lot of time on a treadmill building stats? Occasionally but that's the price of entry for these diablo-type RPGs.

It's fun and there's a drought of RPGs. Just play it.
Review request: Dungeon Siege 2 by Mysterio 08/11/2005, 3:18pm PDT
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    Re: Review request: Dungeon Siege 2 by TAFKAM 08/16/2005, 1:52pm PDT
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