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Non-EB Retail adventure involving Racial Injustice! by Motherhead 10/12/2005, 2:40am PDT
The following altercation took place at a Fry's, I have witnesses to verify it's 100% true:

If you you want to purchase a CPU or RAM at Fry's, you have to have a guy in that department write the part number/s up for you so that they can be pulled out of this ridiculously huge vault they keep near the checkout metroplex. They call this a "quote." They will then attempt to add everything in your cart to the "quote" to maximize some quasi-commision rating system thing. Do not let them. If you then grab anything else in the store that isn't on the quote (which you will, since Fry's sells one of every single man made thing), the cashier will fucking implode and you will be stuck watching him and an army of incrementally less retarded morons try to unfuck the process. Always a train wreck, so much so that I never let the CPU guy "quote" any of my other shit. But sometimes even that is not enough. Especially when RACE becomes an issue.

So I was building what would be the most expensive and badassed computer I ever built for myself. I had a lot of shit in the cart. The FX-55 was on the quote and nothing else. I proceed to the cashier I'd been assigned (the Fry's near me has like 70, none of them worth shit). I roll up to the counter and my guy is a latino in his early twenties. The black chick next to him just closed out her register and was bullshitting with him when I get there. She looks at all the shit in my cart and rolls her eyes at all the WORK I am making the poor guy do. I smile and lay the quote on the counter first. She takes the quote, tosses in her bin of quotes and walks off. I am thinking, "ah, cool, she is pulling the part for him." He then proceeds to ring my shit up and snide comments EVERY-FUCKING-THING i buy, "sheeeesh, must be nice!" type shit. I smile and answer with, "yes, yes it is," type shit. I am becoming sincerely annoyed with this cunt and am trying not to reach out and crush his throat. I grew up in an area that was like 70% latino, this skinny shit is failing miserably at passive-intimidation. Meanwhile his bullshit is making a slow process go even more slowly.

Finally he gives me the total and though it's sick, I know it's not sick enough because I already did the math before coming up. I look around and realize the CPU isn't there.

Me: "uh, dude, where's the CPU?"
Raul: "the what?"
Me: "The CPU that was on the quote"
Raul: "what quote? you didn't have one"
Me: "uh, yeah, that chick (pointing at her) took it, I thought she was getting it"

He calls her over and she insists no such thing happened and looks at me like I was some shit she just noticed she stepped in. I tell them it's on top of the pile in her red basket over there, because I saw her put it there. He looks at me again like he is going to slap me, my wife puts her hand on my arm because I really did just want to fucking slam his head into the counter. He fetches the quote and now HE is mad because he has to start all over. Mind you, I've already been there for at least 30 minutes first time around. Stew, who already finished paying for his shit 20 minutes before, is looking at me all annoyed like I am enjoying this.

Me: "You have to do WHAT?"
Raul: "I gotta ring all this shit up again because the quote has to go in first"
Me: (looking at the wife, who: didn't want to be there in the first place, isn't delirious with glee that I am spending a mint, hasn't had diner, has to pee) Fuck, look, I'm sorry...we'll just forget it.
Me: (back to vatos locos latinos boy)"Forget it, just put the card through..."
Raul: "Whatever, it ain't our fault."
Me: "What? Who's fault is it then? Why is it every time I have a quote there is always a train wreck at the counter?"
Raul: (he steps in, looks at me all defiantly and says:)"Ya well, you got your problems and I get pulled over sometimes when I drive in the suburbs."


I swear to fucking god. I don't know how I didn't wind up going to jail that night. Fury is not a big enough word. How did he think I would react? "Oh dear! I am embarrassed for my race. Lets hold hands and march! " I could have killed him. Instead I lock on to his eyes and say, in all honesty:

"What The Fuck. Does That. Have To Do. With Anything."
Raul: "wh-wha.."
Me: "What The Fuck Does That Have To Do With Anything? Why did you just tell me that? Does that impress anybody? The fuck do I care?"
Raul: "hey, liste...."
Me: "Go get your supervisor."
Raul: "..."
Me: "I'm done with you, go get your supervisor"

He does, and as he supervisor steps over he calls me a fucking asshole, so the first thing the supervisor says to me is, "Hi, i recognize you, he's already fired for swearing at a customer, how can I help?"

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