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Soul Calibur 3 (quick) by Mischief Maker 12/02/2005, 2:44pm PST
Like Soul Calibur 2, but with more characters and guard-impacts aren't as easy.

Most gorgeous and action-packed backgrounds in the series, but not interactive ones.

A few changes to characters' move sets (especially Ivy)

Lame RTS-sorta game more like a retarded extra -not required to unlock main-game stuff.

Unlocking main game stuff still sucks, but is not as insipid as it was in SC2. (Beat up the hidden character once and you get them immediately, without having to beat the main story mode and its increasingly unfair AI.)

Character creator just a means of playing dressup. Cons: all female created characters have the same B-cup body. Pros: I was able (after an hour of cheating to unlock shit) to create a character with all the fencing moves of Raphael, only he looks exactly like the Man in Black from "The Princess Bride."

There are a few create-a-character weapons and styles that differ from the maingame ones, but the maingame has an assload of difficult-to-unlock-but-not-impossible bonus characters who each use one of them.

If you play an assload of matches (any type, winning or losing) you'll end up unlocking everything anyway without needing to touch the crappy single-player things.

Overall: like Burnout: Revenge, a definite improvement in almost every way from its predecessor, but not by a must-buy margin.

BEWARE: This review assumes you have 2 controllers and ready access to opponents. If you're looking at it for Single Player alone don't bother. The AI is insanely aim-bot unfair when the difficulty ratchets up, and the shitty plot is not worth the bother.
Soul Calibur 3 (quick) by Mischief Maker 12/02/2005, 2:44pm PST
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