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Trapt by Flavio 03/13/2006, 11:03pm PST
Final Destination is a series of bad, low budget flicks that are kind of fun since they feature ridiculous Rube Goldberg actions killing off annoying people. Trapt is a cheesy, low budget PS2 game that's fun since you can set up ridiculous Rube Goldberg traps for killing off annoying characters. It's the giddy sadistic torture of Psi Ops meets Vagrant Story's plot and interface meets the horribly cheesy dialog (Japanese only!??) of Time Crises and House of the

The engine, menus, and general feel remind me so much of Vagrant Story it feels like the same engine touched up for the PS2. The whole game is basically running around Vagrant Story type rooms setting up traps then activating them to catch and kill the soldiers chasing you. The fun picks up in trying to set up the most outrageous combo possible with the traps at your disposal plus a few environment hazards. Have a guy chase you into position where you can activiate a magnetic wall and stick him to it. Then drop a vase onto his head. While he stumbles around blindly activate the spring board beneath him to send him flying into an electric chair, then have a wall section push him onto a panel where a bladed toy horse pops up, impales his crotch, then goes flying across the room while he involuntarily rides it facing the wrong way, crashes into a wall, then ends it with a giant pendulum slicing him. My favorites include a man eating music box (giant music box clock drags a victim inside then plays some cheesy ballerina tune while the screaming victim is ground up inside the gears and spat out) and cannon (victim gets stuck inside a cannon, shot out to rebound off the ceiling, then falls through two stories of stained glass ceilings/floors).

The game definately has its flaws though. For one, it's $40. Feels like something you'd pay $10-$30 for. Second, the camera is always too zoomed in on your character and you can't zoom out to see better. Third, it limits you to pre-equipping only 3 traps of each category (ceiling, wall, floor) for each level and it would have been nice if they just let you go nuts with everything at once. Lastly, the pace at which they doll out new traps and rooms is too slow. You have to choose between new rooms or new traps and you'll start getting a bit bored with your current arsenal at a faster rate then you receive new stuff.

If you enjoyed torturing hapless guards in Psi Ops and don't mind the cheesy low budget feel, Trapt is a pretty decent giggle inducing exercise in sadism.
Trapt by Flavio 03/13/2006, 11:03pm PST
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