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Sin 1. :( by Creexul :( 04/15/2006, 2:02am PDT
Sin 1 (and Sin 1 multiplayer!) come free with Sin Episodes (episode 1) for $20. I wanted to play Sin Episodes really, so I could imagine it's like a big Half-Life 2 mod, like I did with Vampire Bloodlines. All I knew of Sin 1 was the demo was kind of dumb but had a cool helicopter shooting shit scene at the beginning and it looked really Quake 2ey which was obsolete on release because of Half-Life 1. Also that there was a negative OMM review of it.

I actually played the whole thing, which they didn't do for the OMM review which was probably the wise choice because the game is godawful and not worth finishing even if you paid full price for it way back then. It's like Quake 2, with the weird wiggly models that make everything look like they're made of jello, but with a horrible script and tooth grindingly bad voice acting.

Even for free with Sin Eps I shouldn't have bothered downloading this shitty ass piece of shit game. The idea that people still think Sin 1 was ever any good makes me feel the same way that I do when people say OH NARUTO OR SOME OTHER SHITTY ANIME IS SO GENIUS AND INTELLIGENT. This is why the internet needs more trolling and hurting people's feelings (because they deserve it so much).

Not that I have to go into detail about why this game sucks so bad, since no one is going to play it anyway, but!

First I should mention the few positive things. You can break lots of chairs and desks. There are computer screens you can type on in the game much like Vampire Bloodlines (in fact it looks basically the exact same except the Vampire screens had a little more ASCII on them). This typing on screens and shit idea would be sort of a cool idea to start with in them early days, as long as they went somewhere. Deus Ex did all that stuff better though, and I doubt they were really really inspired by Sin's use of typing on screens and shit.

There are many things about this game that are not good at all. The banter between John ("Jhoh"?) Blade, Hardcorps and his mission person pal JC is the worst shit ever where they go between good natured ribbing about how they both smell like fuckin bags of shit, to pumping up rawkin talk about YOU JUST FOUND THIS NEW GUN (THAT YOU'LL NEVER GET AMMO FOR) WOO WHO'S THE MAN, IT'S TIME TO TOAST THE BAD GUYS WHERE'S MY BREAD...........? delivered in weird, incorrect, uncomfortable line readings. Randomly throughout the game as you bust open crates JC will be like WOO HOO or JACKPOT, even if there's nothing in the crates but a few rats. And by the way the rats are the second hardest enemies in the game because they're so hard to see and you usually can't figure out they're there, you just see yourself taking damage and going UAGH a whole lot until you finally figure to look down and waste the precious time it took you to shoot a rat. The first hardest enemy in this game, possibly the most bullshittest enemy in any game ever, is the sniper who does that horrible Quake 2 instakill headshot within 0 picoseconds of their pixels being rendered on your computer screen. After the 10th time you might actually be able to spot them do this where they're like facing the completely opposite direction and then spin around so fast to shoot you that they would break the fuckin light barrier to react that fast. Not even imaginary fake futuristic steroids conceived of in a completely fictional setting could make this happen, it's just bad coding. They must've been too busy manually animating every vertex in the gun models, which is apparently what they had to do before Valve invented skeletal animation. I almost feel bad for them. NOT! Ha ha, HOO.

You get primary and secondary objectives in the game. Not even the primary objectives are necessary to making it through the game, all you're really supposed to do is get to the end point of the map. If you miss any objectives, it doesn't seem that you'll be missing anything or be docked in pay or miss out on more overstocking of wimpy assault rifle ammo. Sometimes the primary objective points out puzzles to you that you were going to have to do to trigger a door opening anyway.

At the end, you fight some big dude with a saw for one arm who takes like 50 billion damage, and Elexis Sinclair!!!!!!!!! is finally cornered by you, and she's all "maybe you would like to see something, I PROMISE IT WILL BE LIKE NOTHING YOU'VE EVER SEEN BEFORE" as she starts to spread her legs and Blade is all I'M NOT FALLIN FOR THAT BITCH, I'M GONNA MAKE YOU MY BITCH (ALSO YOU MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE CALLED ME BARNEY MILLER LIKE EVERY ENEMY IN THE GAME, AND THIS MAY AFFECT MY JUDGEMENT) but then he's like WELL MAYBE I'M ENTRANCED BY THIS, OR NOT? HIZZLE? and you think maybe she'll show off her pussy and it'll explode like a flash of light like in Matrix Revolutions which was one of the most fucking stupid(est) things ever in a movie, forever. Anyway she instead pushes a button on her chair that teleports her out the end. Spoilers. Also Haley Joel Osment gets stabbed by a Mexican kid, Neo dies, and Natalie Portman was actually held prisoner by V the whole time.
Sin 1. :( by Creexul :( 04/15/2006, 2:02am PDT
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