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The Fountain by Ray of Light 11/22/2006, 9:24pm PST
I lobbied my five moviegoing companions hard to see this tonight (instead of Deja Vu), arguing that Aronofsky had made one movie for the critics (PI) and one for the audience (Requiem), it followed that his third would be made for himself and the result would be genius or unwatchable.

To my surprise, I thought it was brilliant. I fell asleep during The Thin Red Line. And again, during Solaris. They were a lot less pretentious than Fountain! I should have hated it.

The other five of us thought it was stupid (update: one came around after I explained the ending), and that I understand. They were having such a good time laughing at it, that I felt like an asshole telling them that they were wrong. Tomatometer gives it 44%; I'm surprised the number is even that high. The movie is easy to attack, begs to be attacked on many fronts: too short for a drama, no childhood flashbacks to develop characters, unapologetic artiness, and a slew of scenes with emotions we can't share because the movie never invited us to identify with anyone.

This here review is one of few that resists the urge to attack. As you read it--and you should--you'll note that he doesn't try to answer the inevitable complaints. The movie is not easily defensible. Instead, he tries to convey the effect that the story had on him, and hope that you'll give it a chance to have the same effects on YOU.

I'm not even going to do THAT much, because it would entail talking emotions on an internet message board. I'm just instructing you to see it.
The Fountain by Ray of Light 11/22/2006, 9:24pm PST
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