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ENOUGH WITH THE SB POST. by Zseni 02/27/2007, 8:47am PST
Look, here's a shiny new psycho. Enough clickthroughs and he'll probably show up. He stinks like the kind of guy who trawls his weblogs.

Here he is; psycho emphasis is all his.

Now the reason for this blog posting, is Christina Ricci has a new movie coming out. I just watched it get reviewed on Roper and Ebert, by Kevin Smith no less and it seems like something I’d like. Normally I don’t like to read a lot of reviews or even watch a lot of previews and trailers as I want the full experience, not to have the best bits ruined. Some trailers are great and compel you to see the film, others compel you to not see the film.

Anyway Christina Ricci’s new film is called “Black Snake Moan“. She plays opposite Samuel L. Jackson who I like, but the reason I like the film is the concept. She plays a backwoods nympho who Jackson’s character finds half dead and nurses back to health. He also decides to reform her by chaining her to his radiator. The fact that Samuel L. Jackson is a forgotten blues musician who visually resembles R. L. Burnside helps things along nicely.

The fact that Christina Ricci is a wee lass with big brown eyes probably contributed to her becoming my favourite actress. She wasn’t always ridiculously thin, but she seems to have gone down that path at some point like too many actresses in Hollywood, but at her normal weight she has some curves, but at 5 feet tall, how much can she weigh? I learned her height, again by reading her IMDB entry for this blog posting, I also learned that she stopped growing at ten.

Some people take obsession to a whole ‘nother level to find out crap like that, but I guess growing up a child actor takes away most of your innocence and privacy. Being a blogger definitely costs you some of both. I think I managed to work in every Christina Ricci fact and film I’ve seen into this posting. At some point she appeared on the cover of a magazine I read… That article may have influenced me in some way, I vaguely remember the interview. Oh I really liked her in “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”, which again stars Johnny Depp, and again is directed by one of my favourite directors, Terry Gillian. Christina Ricci fits my pantheon, I’ll have to add her to my webpage.

ENOUGH WITH THE SB POST. by Zseni 02/27/2007, 8:47am PST NEW
    That movie looks AWESOME. NT by Mischief Maker 02/27/2007, 8:57am PST NEW
        Samuel L. Jackson plays the most aggressive magic negro in movie history NT by Mischief Onlooker 03/02/2007, 10:12am PST NEW
            hey! NT by Will Smith 03/02/2007, 12:02pm PST NEW
    I'm going to need this guy to be 3x crazier to start caring. by Fussbett 02/27/2007, 2:53pm PST NEW
        Hello, past me. He totally got 3x crazier like you asked. :( NT by Fussbett 06/25/2008, 9:46pm PDT NEW
    I read a paragraph of a totally average blog. NT by Jhoh Cable o_O 02/27/2007, 5:55pm PST NEW
    Re: ENOUGH WITH THE SB POST. by Jerry Whorebach 02/27/2007, 7:46pm PST NEW
    Why didn't you guys tell me about this before?! by Zsenitan 06/25/2008, 2:24pm PDT NEW
        Our strict registration requirements keep psychos like him out. NT by Creexuls, a monster >:3 06/25/2008, 2:42pm PDT NEW
        It's as if you read his blog precisely because he WAS a psycho. Hmmmm NT by Last 06/25/2008, 6:17pm PDT NEW
        about.php trolls again by Happiness Engine 06/25/2008, 7:49pm PDT NEW
        Re: Why didn't you guys tell me about this before?! by Choson 06/25/2008, 8:10pm PDT NEW
        "... a pagerank of four!" NT by I don't even have ads (yet) 06/25/2008, 8:45pm PDT NEW
            "Caltrops: Pagerank of four" -- new titlebar NT by Fussbett 06/25/2008, 9:45pm PDT NEW
            " has had 0 unique visitors this week according to Mint." NT by Something else to brag about 06/26/2008, 3:22am PDT NEW
            Re: "... a pagerank of four!" by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/26/2008, 12:40pm PDT NEW
        Let me steal I mean quote his latest comment in its entirety without asking perm by I need clarification 06/25/2008, 8:51pm PDT NEW
            Re: Let me steal I mean quote his latest comment in its entirety without asking by Last 06/25/2008, 9:11pm PDT NEW
                Buy short NT by Choson 06/25/2008, 9:38pm PDT NEW
                    You can't see any such thing. NT by Inform 06/26/2008, 12:15pm PDT NEW
                    Well now aren't I a dumbass. =( NT by Last 06/26/2008, 3:33pm PDT NEW
            Muskie!!! by Fussbett 06/25/2008, 10:05pm PDT NEW
            Re: Let me steal I mean quote his latest comment in its entirety without asking by Sadakichi Hartmann 06/26/2008, 1:13am PDT NEW
                Toothless?! Enjoy not working at Hothead, pal. NT by Fussbett 06/26/2008, 3:16am PDT NEW
                    I' m devastated. NT by Newly minted DeVry grad 06/26/2008, 3:27am PDT NEW
        I don't know! by Bunyip 07/07/2008, 11:04pm PDT NEW
    World's Slowest Website War Plods On. by Fussbett 09/02/2010, 1:08am PDT NEW
        That's a year old! Why wasn't I informed, I *narcolepsy* NT by laudablepuss 09/02/2010, 9:46am PDT NEW
        I actually enjoy reading this guy's blog by Choson 09/02/2010, 10:35am PDT NEW
            Just reiterating my post of just over two years ago. by Choson 09/02/2010, 10:56am PDT NEW
                So sad; that guy was areal gem. NT by motherfuckerfoodeater 09/02/2010, 1:52pm PDT NEW
    Fussbett Sanitario aka Wagner James Au by Cholon 05/05/2012, 10:10am PDT NEW
        I had formally asked Wagner to tone it down a little while ago. by Dick Clownshoes 05/05/2012, 10:51am PDT NEW
            Re: I had formally asked Wagner to tone it down a little while ago. by Roop 05/05/2012, 3:40pm PDT NEW
    Who Is Fussbett Sanitario? by Fred Pendleton 05/06/2012, 12:58pm PDT NEW
        Holy fucking shit by Souffle of Pain 05/06/2012, 1:12pm PDT NEW
        Well I think someone owes James Wagner Au an apology. by Hans Clastorp 05/06/2012, 1:19pm PDT NEW
            Pretty sure that nobody ever owes WJA an apology. NT by wagnerfuckerjamesauter 05/06/2012, 8:04pm PDT NEW
        Wouldn't it be awesome if this were some sort of Zseni master plan by Rafiki 05/06/2012, 2:54pm PDT NEW
            I compiled a list of all the words ever spoken about the man by Souffle of Pain 05/06/2012, 3:54pm PDT NEW
        haha now he's a retard internet detective NT by jeep 05/06/2012, 5:28pm PDT NEW
            Who uncovered... by fabio 05/06/2012, 5:45pm PDT NEW
        ICJ (the enabler) NT by WITTGENSTEIN 05/07/2012, 8:17am PDT NEW
    Let's begin the healing process by Ice Cream Jonsey 05/07/2012, 10:00am PDT NEW
        #NOTAMUSED NT by Lizard_King 05/07/2012, 12:54pm PDT NEW
        oh now that someone has responded to him directly he's disengaging by jeep 05/07/2012, 4:28pm PDT NEW
            Re: oh now that someone has responded to him directly he's disengaging by Souffle of Pain 05/07/2012, 4:41pm PDT NEW
    Escalation! by Horrible Gelatinous Blob 05/08/2012, 12:48am PDT NEW
        Tomorrow it's gonna be Cannibalism Vs. Prolonged Abduction NT by Worm 05/08/2012, 1:29am PDT NEW
        Not only that, but Caltrops has connections at Valve by Rafiki 05/08/2012, 6:09am PDT NEW
            I would think twice before angering Dan Something's brother. NT by laudablepuss 05/08/2012, 1:39pm PDT NEW
        Borrowing a Neighbor's David Bowie CD vs Occupying Afghanistan NT by Brandon Flick 05/08/2012, 7:04am PDT NEW
        now I'm angry I wasn't invited by jeep 05/08/2012, 10:08am PDT NEW
        He's abusing the Steam reporting system and organizing others to do the same NT by A violation of the Steam TOS 05/08/2012, 10:15am PDT NEW
            Re: He's abusing the Steam reporting system and organizing others to do the same by The Clarification Guy 05/08/2012, 1:05pm PDT NEW
        Ah goddammit. Immortalized as Shitty Sniper. It was meant to be a temporary jo by Last 05/08/2012, 2:15pm PDT NEW
        This episode is now immortalized on by The Don Rogers Show 05/08/2012, 10:00pm PDT NEW
            This is amazing. TDARCOS is on there by Entropy Stew 05/08/2012, 11:34pm PDT NEW
                TDARCOS sounds a lot like David Sedaris. NT by My opinion of him has improved. 05/09/2012, 12:05am PDT NEW
                    Or Toby Radloff. by Last 05/09/2012, 1:00pm PDT NEW
            When does the interesting part begin? This podcast is screechy. NT by Last 05/09/2012, 7:13am PDT NEW
                Whaddya mean "screechy"? NT by ur mom is gay 05/09/2012, 9:58am PDT NEW
                31:30 is where Muskie starts. Pizza after that. NT by Entropy Stew 05/09/2012, 1:41pm PDT NEW
            ICJ to shut down caltrops! NT by Podosphere 05/09/2012, 2:18pm PDT NEW
        "Some people don't know when to shut up" - link to a 2007 post. by "I recommend starting with Fussbett 05/09/2012, 12:57pm PDT NEW
        Who is the one with the ten step revenge program? by Number 9 05/09/2012, 8:57pm PDT NEW
            The whole point of the blog is revenge. Even the page about the school soccer NT by game shames the two absent players 05/10/2012, 5:19am PDT NEW
            PERFECTI by laudablepuss 05/10/2012, 9:48am PDT NEW
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