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Re: Goddamn the MAME devs are whiny prima donnas. by Ice Cream Jonsey 04/15/2007, 3:20am PDT
bink wrote:

Criticism from people who actually GASP play AND ENJOY the games MAME makes possible is apparently an unspeakable travesty only performed by boneheaded ingrates. I was reading this thread because I was trying to find a port of MAME that still supports hiscore.dat. I don't know if anyone else knows this or not, but they removed hiscore.dat support back in version 107. The only port I know of that still supports it is "MAME32FX" and the developer of that is losing interest partly because of "conflict with the MAME devs." The devs reason for removing hiscore support? They claim that it "doesn't accurately represent arcade machine behavior." Their solution? Add "save states" to games so that they can "never be turned off."

Of course this is laughable since no save state support existed for any arcade machine and the only way to "accurately emulate arcade machine behavior" is to leave Pac-Man running on your computer and never turn it off. The reason they did this is apparently so people will stop supporting hiscore.dat and move to developing save states. However even this is pathetic given that save states for one particular game seem to break when anything about the game or the driver code is updated. But NOOO, it's more ACCURATE. This all ties in to Stuart's "MAME OVER" post of a couple years ago which created a real brouhaha in the "community." The forum posts apologizing for questioning the devs and general knob slobbing are nauseating.

You know what I say? If you want "respect" for something to such a level that you can insist on exactly HOW they use your product, STOP GIVING IT AWAY FOR FREE.

You're absolutely right. This has pretty much destroyed MAME -- you essentially have to pick a "snapshot" of the ROM set before the current band of dumb fuckers took over (it is my understanding that Nicola has little to do with MAME these days) and call the project done in your own words, because that will never happen with the people developing MAME these days. If there are reliable "diffs" out there, then that would be another solution.

Actually, reading through the first page of that thread you linked, Giles seems fairly reasonable. I get the impression that he has a few mouthy cohorts along with him, and the guy that said "We made Build Your Own Arcade Controls and we can unmake it" might be the dumbest fucking human being on the planet. What a load of stupid horseshit, wrong on about four counts before you sit and think about how truly wrong he is. It's not even worth getting into.

(All right, Giles's comment about how hiscore.dat support would be a "game player's MAME" does kind of demonstrate everything wrong with the current team, but it was one sentence in a reasonable post. Anyone who believes that MAME isn't for game players needs to distance themselves from the project, because Jesus Christ otherwise.)

It's a little amazing how deep those guys regard their ability to write a little C, however. Someone took them up on their offer to fork the project -- everyone should be happy. Telling people to maintain eternal state saves is completely hypocritical in regards to the reason why they took out hiscore.dat support. A child of four should be able to see that. Honestly, with the attitude the current team displays I wouldn't be able to resist pulling out the nag screen either, because many of those guys are assholes and babies. There are five posters on this forum alone that could maintain a MAME branch, so my prediction is that the time we're currently in will be viewed as the dark ages, while a few programmers pissed off with the stupidity make MAME usable again. There will be a huge shitstorm at some point as the people who continue to develop the "non game-player's" version of MAME wrestle with their increasing irrelevance.

Goddamn the MAME devs are whiny prima donnas. by bink 04/14/2007, 2:29pm PDT NEW
    Re: Goddamn the MAME devs are whiny prima donnas. by Ice Cream Jonsey 04/15/2007, 3:20am PDT NEW
        "Get a frakking whiteboard. It's more fun to keep score on anyway. " NT by That person should die. 04/15/2007, 3:38am PDT NEW
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        The real thing that pisses me off about it. by bink 04/16/2007, 1:53am PDT NEW
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