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Silent Hill 5: The Tombstone by Schadenfreude 12/02/2008, 4:50pm PST
I can't believe it came to this, but I finally dropped a Silent Hill game.

I mean, I dropped a game without finishing it for probably the third time in the last ten years, and this time it's none other than a Silent Hill game. Boy, I feel like crying TT_________________TT

Seriously, Homecoming is definitely an outrageous piece of shit. It's official. Not only it forces you through a broken combat system, stars the most unlikable, implacable imbecile to ever shame a videogame as a main character, and americanizes the series by cramming in a cheap love story and run n' gun sequences, all of which at least would only ruin this particular chapter; it soils the entire mythology by bringing in every single stupidity from the movie --down to the army of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. rejects that brought their own guns (that's right kids, now we got fucking GUNFIGHTS in a Silent Hill game) and the ridiculously hollywoodized Pyramid Head-, thus making all that shit officially canon.

Well done, Konami, those Double Helix guys were quite the proper choice. Now you really buried the series. You fucking morons.
Silent Hill 5: The Tombstone by Schadenfreude 12/02/2008, 4:50pm PST NEW
    Did you play this on the 360, or the PS3? (Or Windows?) NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/08/2008, 10:51pm PST NEW
        I am amazed they still bother to put this slop out for XP/Vista NT by Souffle of Pain 12/09/2008, 9:57am PST NEW
        Windows. I gotta admit they made the mouse + keyboard work surprisingly good ... by Schadenfreude 12/11/2008, 7:52pm PST NEW
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